Red Goose Bus, Daviess County

The Red Goose Bus made two round trips daily to Owensboro, Daviess County, Kentucky. The route was via Bremen, Muhlenberg County; and Sacramento and Calhoun, McLean County. Roy Smith owned the bus, and Aaron Dukes drove it for many years without ever having an accident. A one-way trip would require more than two hours. Roy Smith operated a taxi service in Greenville, Muhlenberg County, out of the Old Inn Hotel, pictured in the background. Later the name of the hotel was changed to the Greenville Hotel. In the upper left of the photo, the sign reads, "Supplies." This was on the store front of the Leslie Hale Soda Fountain (shown on page 20) that sold all the school text books for the Greenville schools.
(Photo courtesy of Thomas Brizendine, [email protected])