December 2003

January 2004


COMPLETE CONTENTS of the December 2003-January 2004

Kentucky Explorer!

Page 2 -- Along A Kentucky Highway - Highway U. S. 460 - The Great Warrior Trace

Page 3 -- Editor's Message/Table of Contents

Page 4-9, 98-99, 102-105 -- Letters to the Editor

Wants Copy Of Song

Searching For Baileys Of Floyd County

Sizemore Poem/Photo Requested

Wants to Hear From Former Classmates

Dried Hominy Flakes and Bean Seeds

Looking For Book

Glasgow Junction And Stamp, Kentucky

Seeking Information On Sloans, Kentucky

Ornaments, Cards, And Bean Seeds Wanted

Looking For Material And Old Quilt Books

Thanks For Tree Seedlings

Appreciated Humphrey Article

Johnson Fork Connections

Aluminum Icicles Indeed Exist

Request For Fall Bean Seeds

Wants Gourd Seeds

Photo Identification Correction

Searching For Book And Album

Fruit Tree Seedlings

Parks Identified

Old Splint School

Researching Robbins Family

Hymnals, McGuffy Reader

Found Long Lost Kentucky Relatives

Would Like To Hear From Caneyville High Classmates

New Friends Gained

How Do You Get Rid Of Bats?

Thanks For The Songs

Bell County High School

Cormwell, Kentucky, In 1860

Magazines Wanted

Caseyville, Kentucky

Searching For Train Wreck Info

Several Responses

Hart County Historical Society Welcomes Visitors

Thanks For The Seeds

Pollard Crossing Train Wreck

Looking For Army Friend

St. Xavier High School


Page 10 -12 -- 90-Year-Old Livingston County Native Wrote Her Memories In 1972

PHOTOS: Dr. Herbert B. Wolfe (Cover Photo)

Page 13-16 -- The "Red Fox Of The Mountains" Hanged For Murderous Crimes

Page 17-20 -- The Remarkable Elijah P. Marrs: Slave, Soldier, Teacher, Preacher

PHOTOS: Elijah P. Marrs

Page 21-22 -- Gone Are The Many Rural Post Offices Of Meade County

PHOTOS: Battletown Post Office; Verda Bennett Hamilton

Page 23-25 -- Frankfort Was Once A Deadly City Where Assassinations Abounded

PHOTO: A view of Frankfort, ca. 1940s.

Page 26-28 -- Hog Butchering Memories From Big Willard In Perry County

PHOTOS: Hog Butchering Process

Page 29-32 -- Mountain Talk Was Hard To Understand 100 Years Ago

PHOTOS: Mountaineer Woman Sketch

Page 33-34 -- "Old Stepping Stone" Is A Part Of Dowell Family Heritage

PHOTO: Old Dowell Farmhouse, Breckinridge County/The Stepping Stone

Page 35-36 - Buckhorn's Log-House College Served Children Of Five Counties

PHOTOS: Witherspoon College at Buckhorn/Louise Chappell At Laurel Fork/Majestic Countryside at Buckhorn

Page 39-40 -- Two African-American Cemeteries Found In Pendleton County

PHOTO: Grave marker of William L. Southgate/Millers Ridge Cemetery

Page 41-42 -- A Letter From Noted Kansas Saloon-Smasher, Carrie Nation

PHOTOS: Carrie Moore Nation, Temperance Crusader.

Page 43 -- Pauline Marie Isabell Cantrell: A Kentucky Matriarch

PHOTOS: Pauline Cantell with her sisters.

Page 44 -- History Of Shelbiana Elementary, Pike County's Oldest Hand-Built School

PHOTOS: Shelbiana Elementary

Page 45-46 -- John G. Fee Fought For Social Equality At Berea And The Nation

PHOTOS: John G. Fee

Page 47-48 -- Shell Family Roots Run Deep In Rockcastle County, Kentucky

PHOTOS: Frank and Joann McGuire Shell And Family

Page 49 -- Many Kentucky Holiday Memories Came Out Of The Kitchen

PHOTOS: Sketch

Page 58-61 -- The 1937 Flood In Louisville Via Radio Bradcasts

PHOTOS: 1937 Flood

Page 64 -- Kentucky Explorer Book Page: Readers are invited to send in their books and other projects (pertaining to Kentucky) to appear on this page.

McIntosh Family, Bach Family, Daniel Boone, Wills Family, Weird Legends, Biographies And Social History

Page 62 -- Short Gleanings From Collins's 1878 Historical Sketches Of Kentucky: Little Known & Mostly Forgotten -- From One Of Kentucky's Most Noted History Books.

Grant County, Mercer County, Boyle County, Bourbon County, Mason County, Nelson County, Henry County

Page 66 -- Old-Time Recipes To Enjoy Conducted by Darlene Howard

Boiled Ham, Potato Griddle Cakes, Brown Sweet Potatoes, Supreme Of Chicken, Baked Dressing, Baked Lima Beans

Other Photos

Page 4-- Turner/Riley Family of Morris Fork, Breathitt County.

Page 5 -- McKinly Family

Page 6 - Upper Laurel Fork School, Bell County, ca. 1922-1923

Page 7 -- Fred Parker with children.

Page 8 -- Coal-loading station of the Hatfield-Campbell Creek Coal Co., Glomawr, Perry County, ca. 1950.

Page 9 -- Collinses of Breathitt County.

Page 12 -- Home of William McChristy Parker, Salem, Livingston County.

Page 13 -- Sarah "Sally" Evans, who was born in 1832. Resided in Bell County.

Page 15 -- Style Mart Basketball Team Of 1936, Mayfield, Graves County.

Page 16-- Unidentified couple, possibly Louis and Julia Robinson, of Estill County.

Page 20 -- Lindsey and Ophelia Murphy, Nicholasville, Jessamine County.

Page 22 -- Grave marker of Civil War veteran Cpl. Silas Benett (1842-1914).

Page 25-- Picturesque waterfall, Little Bloody Creek, Wolfe County.

Page 27 -- James Buchanon and Rachel Isabella Gabbard, both born in Owsley County.

Page 30-- Mary Elizabeth Snyder Stanberry, born 1806 in Knox County, buried in Laurel County.

Page 31 -- Children of Onnie H. Culp, 1954.

Page 38 -- A Mystery Photo from the collection of the estate of Julia Adams Heller, Louisville.

Page 40-- Fred Frazure of McRoberts, Letcher County.

Page 46 -- Andrew Saylor Family of Floyd County.

Page 50-- Tranquil snow scene in the beautiful woods of Kentucky.

Page 61 -- Family photo at Sess Holbrook's home on Shootin' Fork in Wolfe County.

Page 62 -- Pine Grove School, Bath County, ca. 1940.

Page 63 -- Rock Spring School, Lawton, Carter County.

Page 64 -- Susan Jane Sweeney Noble and Thomas Jefferson Noble family, Casey County.

Page 65 -- Children of Wilbert Forest and Sanders and Annie Morris; Hardgrove daughters, Pulaski County.

Page 66-- Mosleys/Howards of Leslie County.

Page 68 -- West brothers, Clay County.

Page 69 -- Edmona Lamb Coomes.

Page 70 -- Civil War Veterans; Laney W. Davidson, Barwick, Breathitt County.

Page 72 -- Ada Lee "Dollie" Hart Steele and George Wesley Steele; Hopkins celebrate 63 years of marriage.

Page 73 -- Barnett mother and daughters of Franklin County.

Page 74 -- McRoberts High School Graduating Class; Rev. J. E. Durham and Wade Moore.

Page 75 -- Oscar and Dotty Berry Davidson 50th anniversary.

Page 76 -- Sarah Frances Franklin Back, a fifth generation descendant of Benjamin Franklin; Sherman Cortsel Black; Iva Black Fields.

Page 77 -- PFC Jerome L. Clark and Cpl. Herman H. Clark, both Scott County natives.

Page 78 -- Betty Murrell Jackson and Wiley Jackson, Turkey Creek, Breathitt County.

Page 79 -- Mowerys of Kentucky.

Page 80 -- Earl and Alma Bryant, Letcher County; William Lee Stone, Knott County.

Page 81 -- Rev. C. L. Brington family, Breckinridge County, ca. 1919.

Page 82 -- Vernon R. Frazier, Leslie County.

Page 83-- Davidson Substation Dairy, Quicksand, Breathitt County.

Page 84-- Livingston County Ridge Mine near Salem, ca. 1940.

Page 85 -- James Harrison Brewer, Harlan County; Virgil Steed, Fayette County.

Page 86 -- Sharon Heights Hospital employees, Jenkins, Letcher County.

Page 87 -- Butcher/Crouch photo, Bath County; Matthew Reuben Barnett, Mt. Pisgah, Wayne County.

Page 88 -- 1942-43 Prestonsburg High School Basketball Team.

Page 89 -- Dan and Jeanne Johnson Stanberry, Lynn Camp School, Knox County, Kentucky.

Page 90 -- Green Daniel and Sylvania Helton Daniel, ca. 1900.

Page 91-- James W. Sears and Martha Ella Farmer Sears, Pulaski County.

Page 92 -- Levi D. Johnson and Lillie Smith Johnson, married 6/16/1910.

Page 93 -- Adam and Louise Mann celebrate 60th anniversary.

Page 94 -- Heaberlin Family, Greenup County, ca. 1943.

Page 95-- L & N Track Gang, Orlando, Rockcastle County.

Page 96-- Major Elisha Bowman Treadway.

Page 97 -- D. N. Welch.

Page 98 -- Arnett family members, Salyersville, Magoffin County.

Page 99 -- Four young soldiers in Korea.

Page 102 -- Poe Family, 1912, Floyd County.

Page 103 -- Loyall Indians, 1935 Football Team, Harlan County.

Page 104 -- Steed twins at Good Samaritan Hospital, Lexington, Fayette County.

Page 105 -- McCloud Family, 1940, Letcher County.

Page 106 -- Rev. Andrew Wilson, Addie Bays, and Donna Wilson; 1940, Leslie County.

Page 107 -- Raymond Cook, Estill Cook, and W. A. Cook, ca. 1940.

Page 110 -- Eva, Eva, and Virgil Lee Barker.

Other Features

Page 16 -- Sketches of Kentucky's Great Outdoors: Bob White In Kentucky

Page 19 -- Thoughts To Ponder From The Kentucky Philosopher

Page 41 -- Kentucky Roadside History Markers - They Tell The Story Of Our State: Trimble County and Woodford County.

Page 52 -- Wise And Otherwise

Page 67 -- Word Puzzle: Legilsators From Ohio County.

Page 71 -- Songs Kentuckians Were Singing 100 Years Ago: Joy To The World

Page 53-54 Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer: A Look At Kentucky Towns

Ashland, Boyd County.

Coldwater, Calloway County.

Coral Hill, Barren County.

PHOTOS: Deming High School, Mt.Olivet, Robertson County; Poke Street, Covington, Kenton County; a view of beautiful homes in Maysville, Mason County.

Page 51 Kentucky Genealogy Websites: Each month The Kentucky Explorer presents websites related to genealogy in Kentucky for our growing number of readers who use computers and the Internet.

Conley Corner

Graves County Genealogy And History

Scary Stories Of Mammoth Cave


Kenvir, Harlan County, Kentucky

Fourmile Explosion, 1945

Silver Bear Books

McCracken County History And Genealogy

Union County History and Genealogy

If you have a website you would like listed, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Page 56-57 Readers Share Postcard Views ca. 1910

"Summer on the Cumberland" Burnside, Pulaski County.

Crittenden County Hospital, Marion.

Devil's Hollow Bridge of Frankfort, Franklin County.

Mr. Nelson H. Trimble's residence, Mt. Sterling, Montgomery County.

Masse Memorial Hospital, Paris, Bourbon County.

Page 68-72 Kentucky Genealogy Help Line: Queries are published free up to 50 words as space is available.
















Page 73-74 Family Reunions & Other Special Announcements

Readers Are Invited To Send In Announcements For This Column. It's Free.

Page 75-95 I Remember By Our Readers -- From All Over Kentucky

Thanks For The Memories, Bob

Childhood Memories

The Mail Carrier

The Mowerys Of Kentucky

An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Memories Of Long Ago

A Mighty Storm

Honoring My Dad

Cecil E. "P. I." Evans

My Sentimental Journey

A Kentucky Christmas

Yesterday's Memories

How Did I Grow Up?

Slow Me Down, Lord

Memories Of Grassy Branch

The One-Room School

House On Half-Mile Branch

Page 96-97 Strictly Kentucky Genealogy Various materials to aid in Family History Research.



Page 100-101 Readers Share Old Photos

Dawson Boys In 1927, Louisville.

307th Bomb Squadron in Korea, ca. 1952.

Avawam Basketball Team ca. 1951, Perry County.

Everett "Mug" Moore, Johnson County.

Jasper and Reva Combs, Perry County.

Page 106-111 Classified Ads Ten Cents Per Word - Minimum $3.00 Per Issue -- Payment Must Accompany All Advertising Copy - Sorry, We Cannot Accept Classified Ads Over The Phone

Page 112 Points of Interest Location Map/Order Form

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