Oven Fork Old Regular Baptists Of Letcher County

Barbara Craiger Wachter shares this photo of a group gathering of the Oven Fork Old Regular Baptists of Letcher County, Kentucky. Her mother, Nettie Raleigh Craiger, believes this photo was taken in the late 1930s. In the front row, sitting, the second man may be Cullan Hogg, and the third man may be Dan Day. The last three in the front row are: Felix Fields (maybe), Riley Fouts (preacher), and Andrew Jackson "Jack" Craiger (Barbara's grandfather, a deacon in the church). Sitting behind Jack Craiger and Riley Fouts is ? Sumpter. In the middle row, standing, are Lawrence Jenkins and maybe his wife, Maggie; and wearing the hat, is Martha Ann Jenkins Craiger (Barbara's grandmother and a deacon in the church). Barbara's mother is unable to identify any of the others and would love to know who they are if anyone can help. (See letter beginning on page 4.)