Things For Sale

Other popular features found in our magazine each month pertain to items that our readers have for sale. These generally appear in our Kentucky Explorer Classified Ads and Kentucky Explorer Book Page, but occasionally are found in Letters To The Editor or other pages, too.

Here are a few things for sale by readers from our November 2003 issue:

FOR SALE: Tote bags for sale. Kentucky Wildcat fabric, two choices. Great Christmas gifts. Generous size (14" - 16," and three inches deep, with six-inch handles), with inside and outside pockets. Allow two weeks for delivery. Bags are $18.95 postpaid. For fabric sample, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Nellie Jones, RR 1, Box 85, Worthington, IN 47471; or 812/875-3792.

BOOK FOR SALE: Memories of Another Day, written by Pike County native, Frank C. Roberts, is a book of 156 8 1/2 X 11 inch pages, softbound full color cover, with 17 illustrations by the author. The book contains over 50 stories, old autos and rationing in World War II, dogs, witches, ghosts, haunted houses, old legends, and traditions of long ago. Price is $10, plus $2 S/H. Order from: Frank C. Roberts, 924 Ky Highway 611, Pikeville, KY 41501.

WANTED: Old fishing tackle. I collect old reels: Meek, Milam, Snyder, Fullilove, Gayle, etc. Also, lures, tackle boxes, and rods. Anything for fly fishing and bass fishing. Contact: Tyler Thompson, 502/548-3927.

BOOK FOR SALE: Folk Medicine In The Kentucky Hills is a 16-page book that is interesting, informative, and has unusual remedies once commonly-used; $2. Buy five, get one free. Postpaid. Contact: Verne, 201 Orchard Drive, #A11, Nicholasville, KY 40356.

BOOK FOR SALE: The Tree Still Grows by William Walter Milburn. The first-known record of the Gillian family was the year 1232. The story follows the family through the years, until they reach the present-day. From the estate in England to the shores of the New World. Through Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Live with Willie (Iss-ku-tin) and Ooh-na-leah, Tom and Bonnie, Thomas Archer (Lay-tok-lin) and Abigail, Charley and Susie, Benjamin and Clarabelle, Benjamin and Ruthie, Willie and Lydia Belle, and William Murtaugh and Nita. At times you will cry, you will laugh, and you will walk tall with the pride of the Gillians telling you who you are. 652 pages in a 6 X 9 cover, published by 1stbookslibrary. To order, call: 888/280-7715; or visit:

LIVE FROM THE RENFRO VALLEY STAGE, 1964: Hear how they all sounded in their younger days (40 years ago). This two-hour show (from a heart fund benefit show) has been edited down to a spectacular 60-minutes cassette tape and features Old Joe Clark, Emory Martin (the one-arm banjo player), Linda Martin, Russ and Jonell Fisher, Bob and Jess Baker, Robert Thompson (of Sunday Morning Gatherin'), Ernie Sowder, Fiddling Curt Roberts, Burl Hopkins, Robert Grant, and Glenn Thompson (present-day Renfro Valley Barn Dance guitarist). Price is $17.95, includes shipping and handling. This would make a great Christmas gift. Send orders to: Robert H. Grant, 4777 W. Highway 80, Trailer 7, Somerset, KY 42503.

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