Henry Peter Crace Family - Letcher County

Claud Crace, 1733 Willow Creek, Seguin, TX 78155, shares this photo with our readers. Everyone in this photo was born in Kentucky and lived in Letcher County, until 1928, when the family moved to northern Arkansas. Pictured are Henry Peter Crace (1886-1981), who was the son of Andrew Jackson Crase (1847-1938) and Nancy Ann Caudill (1850-1904); Mary Blair Crace (1891-1968), who was the daughter of Hiram Blair (1856-1932) and Martha Jane Adams (1865-1955). L-R: Chester (1910-1961), Corbett (1915-1975), Henry (1886-1981), Ivol (1913-1992), Mary (1891-1968), Bill (1918-?), and Nora (1908-1958).