Parker Family, Knox County, 1945

This photograph was taken on October 10, 1945, in Knox County, Kentucky. Gerald Parker (center, in uniform) was welcomed home by his family. He had been captured in WWII. Back row, l-r: ? Neal, Junior Neal, Elmer Parker, Dora Cottongim Parker, Lizzy Gilliam Parker, Mr. Lawson, Emma Parker, John Chesnut, Bitha Chesnut, Martha Woolum, Les Woolum, Helen, Mary Woolum, and John Woolum. Middle row, l-r: Ethel Fee, Juanita, unknown, Jack Parker, Bell Woolum, Parker, Gerald Parker, Evan Parker, Levi Parker, unknown, Shirley Parker, Betty Parker, Jeanie Dorene Parker, Wanda Parker, Janice Parker, and Freda Parker. Bell and Evan are Gerald's parents and are standing on both sides. Most of the people were identified by Lorene Parker. Donnie Craft, 146 Mullins Avenue, London, KY 40744-8361; [email protected], shares this photo with our readers.