Scene of the destruction of a the 1913 fire in Hardinsburg, Breckinridge County, Kentucky

Fourteen of the principal business houses of Hardinsburg, county seat of Breckinridge County, were destroyed by fire on May 14, 1913. The flames started in a bakery at 4:00 a.m. and spread rapidly, consuming all the houses on one side of Main Street for one block and lapping over the street and burning several houses. The Hardinsburg Bank & Trust Company building was destroyed. The entire east side of Main Street, for one entire block, was destroyed, including several residences on Louisville Street. A conservative estimate of the loss was $185,000, partly covered by insurance. The principal business firms which suffered were B. F. Beard & Company, dry goods, who carried a stock of $20,000, party insured; James Gardner & Son, dry goods, partly insured; Kincheloe Drug Company, two stores, partly insured; Spellman's Hardware Store, partly insured; J. W. Guthrie, confectioner, partly insured; J. H. Lennon, general merchanidse, partly insured; J. P. Haswel, Sr., general merchandise, partly insured; and the Masonic Temple building, where in the basement the fire originated. Several smaller shops were destroyed, which carried little, if any, insurance. The Hardinsburg Bank & Trust Company probably carried sufficient insurance on their building to cover the loss. On account of dry weather and practically no fire-fighting facilities, the town looked doomed at one time, but with the untiring efforts of several bucket brigades the flames were finally subdued. A notable fight saved the Farmers Bank & Trust Company and the new Methodist Church.