Old Country Store and Post Office

Located at Wisdom in Western Metcalfe County

Alton Shirley, 1903 Big Meadow Road, Knob Lick, KY 42154, shares this photo of an old country store and post office located at Wisdom in western Metcalfe County, Kentucky. The exact date of the photo isn't known, but it was most likely taken in 1908-09, judging by the size of Oren Young, who was born in 1894. Not many people are identified but the young boy, leaning against post number three, from right, is Oren Young. Standing next to him in the white shirt is his father, W. E. Young. The fellow in the black suit is believed to be Mr. Ed Beebe, who owned and operated the store at that time. In 1922 Mr. James H. Shirley and his wife, Hettie, along with Oren Young, and his wife, Effie, purchased the store and operated it until 1956-57. It's no longer a store, but the well-preserved building still stands and is owned by Richard and Cindy Young. Richard is a grandson of Oren and Effie Young and a great-grandson of James H. and Hettie Shirley.