"I Remember"


Every reader of The Kentucky Explorer, no doubt, has a special memory. Why not write it down and share it here in this column? Help preserve the story of our vanishing past for today and tomorrow. We need memories and photographs from every part of Kentucky and beyond.

When submitting your "I Remember" stories, please include any photographs or illustrations, if you have them. Though not a requirement, photos do add a lot of appeal to your story.

Here is a list of a few of the "I Remembers" found in our May 2003 issue:

Coming From Harlan Harlan County

Written by: Don M. Randolph, Louisville, KY

My Brother Elmer Rockcastle County

Written by: William W. Milburn, Winter Haven, FL

Hitchhiking Jenkins, KY

Written by: A. Burton Bradley, Atlanta, GA 30307

Visiting The Homeplace Breckinridge County

Written by: Joseph H. Morton, Louisville, KY

These are just a few of the "I Remembers" in the May 2003 issue. Subscribe

today and read them all.

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