Gosneyville, Wolfe County, Kentucky

Eleanor Tate, 601 South Jefferson, Box 193, Kinmundy, IL 62854, shares this photo with our readers. She says, "I was born at Gosneyville (Wolfe County), Kentucky, in 1935. My parents were Luther W. Tutt and Mallie Bailey Tutt. My mother's parents were Emma and Henry Howard Bailey, and they lived in a big white house, then owned by Sherman Shackelford, now owned by the Mayabs. Our homeplace was located in back of the Shackelfords. My parents along with nine children lived in this three-room house. We attended Bethel School. I would like to hear from anyone who attended that school, and also would like to have photos of the school. My cousin, Zendel Brooks, had done a lot of research on the Bailey family. My brothers and sisters were Luther Byrd Tutt, John Henry Tutt, Jackson Franklin Tutt, Virginia Gray, Nevada Deadmond, (myself) Eleanor Tate, Virgie Bassett, Flossie Hays, and Nora Smith. My parents are buried off Gosneyville Road in the Bethel or Tutt cemetery." Front row, l-r: Flossie, Nora, and Jack. Second row: John, Eleanor, Virgie, and Luther. Back row: Nevada, Virginia, Mallie, and Luther Byrd. Mallie died in October 1946. Luther died in June of 1960. John died in November 1991, and Luther Byrd died in August of 2000. All the others live in Illinois, except for Virginia who lives in New Mexico. (Gosneyville is located in the Stillwater section of Wolfe County.)