The Joe and Ann Adkins Kelly home

at Rush, Carter County, Kentucky, in 1917.

Hobart and Lilly Brainard spent their honeymoon at the home of Joe and Ann Adkins Kelly at Rush, Carter County, Kentucky, on February 3, 1917. Out of that marriage came 12 children: Bernard, born 1/10/18; George Vinson, born 3/23/19; William Chester, born 8/14/20; Clotine Brainard Wilburn, 3/1/22; Lou Tish, born 7/18/23; Anna Evylen, born 1/8/24, on her dad's birthday; Robert Theodore, born 9/14/25; Ella Faye, born 6/6/28; Helen Beatrice, born 2/16/30; Max Roy, born 3/5/32, he later changed his name to Tom; Homer Ray, born 4/12/34; Norma Elizabeth, born 5/3/37. All the children were born at Rush, Kentucky. Today there are only three children living. Most of the children are buried in the Adkins Cemetery at Rush. Clotine Wilburn, 583 Williams Creek, Rush, KY 41168, shares this photo with our readers.