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Other popular features found in our magazine each month pertain to items that our readers have for sale. These generally appear in our Kentucky Explorer Classified Ads and Kentucky Explorer Book Page, but occasionally are found in Letters To The Editor or other pages, too.

Here are a few things for sale by readers from our November 2002 issue:


Cope's Many Books
Signed copies of Kentucky author, Steven R. Cope's, latest books are now available. Sassafras, the novel, is $15. In Killdeer's Field, a book of poems, is $12. The Books of Saws, a collection of fables and tales due out in the late fall, can be advance-ordered for $14. Please add $2.50 per book for S/H. Something dark and ominous is stalking the citizens of a small mountain community in Eastern Kentucky. "Be watchful," the preacher says, "be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." To order, contact: Cope Books, 113 Mimosa Drive, Winchester, KY 40391; or visit their website at:

The Logsdon Book
The revised, indexed edition, 2002, of Clarence C. Logsdon book, Logsdon, The Amazing Family, is now available. It tells of the trip from Europe in the 1500s through 1674, when their first ancestor arrived in North America down to recent times. It contains 375 pages, is hardbound, has photos, numerous stories, maps, and charts. This book is representative of all Logsdons in the USA, since they all came from one common ancestor in 1674 (until proven otherwise). Over 40 state areas have purchased this book. The book is priced at $49.95, postage is included. To order, contact: Clarence C. Logsdon, 510 Wilson Drive, Leitchfield, KY 42754.

From "Kentucky Explorer Classified Ads"


BOOK FOR SALE: Think Christmas! By Hazard, Kentucky writer Charles B. Simpson. A Ride On A Train And Other Moving Stories is a short story, essay, and poetry collection; mostly with Appalachian themes. Stories include a long train ride by a youthful WWII sailor on his way home when he finds and loses his true love. Other stories include life in coal camps, burning slate dumps youthful mischief, the Civil War, a lost tombstone, pets, and others. Price is $9.95, plus $2 S/H. Order from Charles B. Simpson, 234 Faulkner Avenue, Hazard, KY 41701; 606/436-4652;
[email protected]; or visit the website at:

BOOK FOR SALE: Think Christmas! By Hazard, Kentucky writer, Charles B. Simpson, author of A Ride On A Train. River Road is a short story collection with Appalachian themes about people and events along a road following a meandering river through the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Stories include war stories, WWII and Vietnam; carefree days of youth in the coal camps; high school loves; companionship between a man and his dog; square dances; and others. The Ghost, Goblins, and Haunts chapter includes four ghost stories; including hanging trees, blue moons, a deceased carpenter, a lost Rebel, and a ghost dog, all along River Road. Price is $14.95, plus $2 S/H. Order from Charles B. Simpson, 234 Faulkner Avenue, Hazard, KY 41701; 606/436-4652;
[email protected]; or visit the website at:

ATTENTION: Authentic reproduction of the famed 1908 Sears catalogue. Enjoy the great old-time ads. Oak rocking chair, $3.85; horse-drawn carriage, $34.95; woodburning kitchen stove, $15.95; gold wedding ring, $1.19; house, complete, painted, and ready for occupancy, $725; Winchester 30/30 lever action rifle, $15.53; furniture; farm machinery; clothing; cosmetics; bathtubs; baby carriages; horse-drawn wagons; and thousands more items. It's almost like walking through a museum of life at the turn of the century. Makes a truly wonderful gift for parents or grandparents. Send $16.95 each, plus $4 S/H for one; $2 for each additional one on same order. Kentucky residents add $1.02 each sales tax. Cash, certified check, money order, or online credit card via PayPal to: McBrand Corp., Box 966, Hyden, KY 41749; or leave a message at 606/672-7575. Limited quantity. Order today.

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