Letters To The Editor

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Whenever possible, we try to publish as many of them as possible in the 12 pages we have set aside for "Letters to the Editor."

Here are actual letters from our July/August 2002 issue:

Chief Red Bird Photos Needed

Dear Editor:
I am looking for any photographs of Chief Red Bird, for which the Red Bird River in Clay, Leslie, and Bell counties is named.

Chief Red Bird allegedly had children by Rhoda Sizemore. Any photos of her would also be of interest.

Dillon Asher, born in 1777, was one of the early settlers in the Red Bird River area. He had children by Nancy Davis, Sarah/Sally Davis, Elizabeth Collett, and Susan/Sarah Collett. I am interested in finding photographs of these women as well. I will be glad to pay for copies and postage.

I would like to buy the November 1992 issue of The Kentucky Explorer, if anyone has this issue they'd like to sell.

Zenas D. Knuckles
RR 2, Box 2460B
Sneedville, TN 37869-9664

Editor's Note: The Kentucky Explorer magazine would also like to publish any known, verifiable photos of Chief Red Bird with our readers.

Sharon H.
415 Bastin Road
King's Mountain, KY 40442

Where Are Glendale
Children's Home Alumni?

Dear Editor:
I am looking for friends I haven't seen in over 51 years. We were reared together at the Baptist Children's Home in Glendale, Hardin County, Kentucky. Their names are Mary Louise Hodge, Dora Bell Maricle, Peggy Tune, Maxine Lanham, Hazel King, Hazel England, Jean Meadows, and Louise Owens. I especially need to hear from Jean and Louise.

I left the home with my aunt and uncle and later found out that she (my aunt) had been destroying the letters I had written to my friends. If any of them had written me back, she probably destroyed them, too, because I didn't receive any.

Some information had been mistakenly given to Buckley Carlin, who was working at the Glendale children's home at the time, that Louise had been killed on the Nolin railroad trestle during the 1940s. I was with the girls that day. It wasn't Louise who died, but her sister, Imogene.

It had also been erroneously reported that Jean's sister, Jeanette, was killed on the trestle. She did die that same day, but not on the trestle. She got off the trestle before I did.

A stone monument has been erected in memory of Louise and Jeanette Meadors. The children's home is being moved, and the stone will be, too.

The names have to be changed on the monument, but Mr. Carlin first needs confirmation.

If anyone knows any of the women listed above, please contact them and let them know that I am trying to find them. It would be greatly appreciated. I don't know any of their married names.

Mary Ann Cope
101A Bells Lane
Junction City, KY 40440

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