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Other popular features found in our magazine each month pertain to items that our readers have for sale. These generally appear in our Kentucky Explorer Classified Ads and Kentucky Explorer Book Page, but occasionally are found in Letters To The Editor or other pages, too.

Here are a few things for sale by readers from our June 2002 issue:

From "Kentucky Explorer Book Page"


From "Kentucky Explorer Classified Ads"

BOOK FOR SALE: The Blue Diamond Story. This is a historical perspective of the Leatherwood coal mining camp, owned and operated by the Blue Diamond Coal Company. It has 296 pages; over 200 photos; and features 38 families, including the author, who recall their memories of living and working in the coal camp. Price of the book is $25, plus $4 S/H. Contact: Jimmy L. Couch, 9902 Fairmount Road, Louisville, KY 40291; [email protected]

PRINTING: Genealogy, book, magazine, etc. printing. Owner: Steve Williams. Call: Williams Printing, 222 University Drive, Prestonsburg, KY 41653; 800/765-2464; or
[email protected]

RED RIVER GORGE - Recent discoveries prove presence of Spanish conquistadors, ex-plorationists, 1600s. Left signs and trail markers. Where they exist, what they mean? Special report $10. Contact: Blair, 216 W. 2nd Street, #303, Frankfort, KY 40601.

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