One of the popular features found in The Kentucky Explorer each month is genealogy, often published in the form of letters, queries, photographs, and stories. Several serial features, such as Kentucky Genealogy Help Line, Genealogy From The Long Ago, and Strictly Kentucky Genealogy, are dedicated solely to this purpose and continue from month to month.

Here are some genealogy items from our April 2002 issue:
(From "Kentucky Genealogy Help Line")


Seek info. on the following: Harvey Barnes, b. 2/1877, m. Kate Hughes, b. 3/1880, d. 9/13/1937, children: Elza Halley, Samuel Taylor, Henry Morris, Shirley, Nannie Ella, Willie Lee, Pearl May, Della Frances, and Roscoe William. All lived in Boston, Ky.; and

James Waverly Hall, b. 1/1/1881, Larue Co., Ky., d. 5/14/1879, m. 5/16/1903, Sarah Elizabeth Hornback, b. 1879 (?), had Dave Holmes Hall and Nannie Lee Hall. Lived either in Nelson or Hardin Co., Ky.

Any info. on friends and family appreciated.

Betty and Jim Ward
P. O. Box 176
Boston, KY 40107


Seek info. on Rev. Roland Byron Fannin, Southern Methodist minister, b. 1861, son of Isaac and Mary Fannin, m. Emma Belle Curnutte, Lawrence Co., Ky. When and where did Roland d.?

Any info. appreciated.

Norma J. Williams
808 Connie Avenue
Wheelersburg, OH 45694

(From "Genealogy From The Long Ago")


James Finley, grandfather of Robert W. Finley, was in County Armagh, Ireland, in February 1725. He was educated by Rev. Samuel Blair at Fagg's Manor, Pennsylvania, and he accompanied Rev. Whitefield to the Orphan House in Georgia. He probably studied theology with his brother, Samuel, at Nottingham and was ordained pastor of East Nottingham, Cecil County, Maryland, in 1752.

He was a teacher and educated many Presbyterian ministers. He was a grand old man and became a member of the Red Stone Presbytery, June 21, 1785. He was called to Reheboth and Round Hill, in the forks of the Youghiogheny, in 1784 and remained there until his death, January 6, 1795.

His sons were Ebenezer, Joseph, Michael, William, and John Evans Finley. The latter preached in Mason County, Kentucky, during the great revival. Robert W. Finley was a grandson of James. Robert W. Finley was a learned and eloquent Presbyterian preacher and, in pioneer times, had a classical school called the Log Cabin Seminary for young men at Cambridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky, at which his sons, James and John, were pupils. In 1797 he moved to Germantown, Ohio, and lived to a good old age.


It is believed that Elizabeth Jones, who married James Green of Culpeper County, Virginia, was a either the daughter or sister of Gabriel Jones, the "Valley lawyer." They had a son, Gabriel Green, who was the grandfather of Grant Green of Frankfort, Kentucky.

They had a son, James, who married another Elizabeth Jones (possibly his cousin). The last-named James had a son named Strother, which would indicate decent from Gabriel Jones, who married a Strother.

(From "Strictly Kentucky Genealogy")

Rice Cemetery Near Cave Spring (Logan County)

Moses M. Rice, born March 8, 1817, died July 23, 1894; Ruthy A. Rice, born February 3, 1817, died October 1, 1880; James W. Rice, born April 22, 1808, died March 20, 1862; Mary Rice, born March 28, 1844, died November 22, 1863; B. M. Rice, born April 23, 1861, died May 29, 1953; Albert Marvin Rice, son of S. E. and M. S. Rice, born September 1870, died October 29, 1875; Ann Rice, wife of Ezekiel Rice, born September 24, 1782, died April 4, 1836; Sara A. Rice, wife of Moses M. Rice, born December 29, 1822, died January 23, 1894; Susan M. Rice, wife of T. J. Rice, born September 25, 1815, died October 3, 1897; William H. Rice, born June 1, 1837, died December 1, 1869; Susan Rice, born February 23, 1811, died September 4, 1854; J. J. Rice, born 1858, died 1938; Vannie Rice, daughter of S. E. and M. S. Rice, born October 12, 1882, died February 22, 1883; Susan Rice, born February 23, 1814, died September 4, 1851; and T. J. Rice, born March 2, 1846, died May 16, 1889.

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