Maces Creek School, 1919

Irene Brashear, 6071 Left Fork Maces Creek, Viper, KY 41774, shares this 1919 photo of the Maces Creek School at Viper, Perry County, Kentucky. Carrie Estepp (top row, fifth from the left) was the teacher. The old schoolhouse stood near the home of Jim Branson, father of Green Branson of Viper. Jess Brashear is in the top row, eighth from the left. In the second row, third from the left is Irene's husband's (Eli) two sisters, Ethel and Dora; and his cousin, Virgie Brown. Irene's husband, Eli, is in the second row, ninth from the left. Eli's sister, Hannah, is next. The boy in the second row, fifth from the right, is Eli's brother, Roy. Some of the other children were Branson, Caudills, Farlers, Halls, Browns, Lewises, Fields, and Brashears. Irene would like to hear from anyone who may know the names of the other children. Feel free to contact her.