Big Creek Grade School, 1960-61

Brenda West Phillips, P. O. Box 58, Big Creek, KY 40914, shares this photo of the 1960-61 class at Big Creek Grade School, Big Creek, Clay County, Kentucky. The teacher was Oscar Sams. The principal was Thelma Sizemore. First row, front to back: Cheryl Napier, Jess Bowling, Annalee Roberts, Joyce Phillips, and Ruby England. Second row, front to back: Gary Revis, Betty Hoskins (deceased), Ronnie Napier, Willie Miracle, Brenda West, Hazel Dean Baker, and Evelyn Napier. Third row, front to back: Verlon Jones, Brenda Sizemore, David Roberts, James Hoskins, Vernon Ed Bowling, Sarah Lottie Feltner, and Opal Hoskins. Fourth row, front to back: Charlie Marcum, Lonzo Smith, Ronnie Holland, Chloe Ann Britton, James Allen, and Sadie Gay. Mr. Sams in standing in the back.