The Stamper Family, ca. 1923

The Stamper Family. Standing is Cynthia Barbara Miller Harris Stamper. Seated, l-r: Madeline Gertrude Bronson Stamper, holding daughter, Margy Florence Stamper, born August 15, 1923; and Abraham Lincoln Stamper, holding daughter, Cynthia Katheryn Stamper, born November 25, 1921. Other children of Madeline and Abraham are: Clarence Elwood Stamper, born October 28, 1925; William Jackson Stamper, born April 17, 1927; Betty Darlene Stamper, born October 10, 1928; Gladys Veronice Stamper, born March 16, 1930; and Thedore Stamper, born May 23, 1931. The photo was taken ca. 1924 in either Carter or Greenup County.

(Photo courtesy of Gladys Stamper Meyers, 1912 Galetown Drive, Severn, MD 21144.)