Richard Butler Taylor Family, 1927

This is a 1927 photo of the Richard Butler Taylor family taken in Carroll County, Kentucky. First row, l-r: Richard Butler Taylor, Clara's grandfather; Martha Taylor Sutter; Dorothy Morrison; Pearl Taylor, Clara's sister; Mable Taylor, Clara's sister; Florence Morrison; and Haskell Sutter, sitting on the ground. Second row, l-r: Lena Shafer Taylor, Clara's mother; Stella Taylor Morrison; Charles Taylor, Clara's brother; George Taylor, Clara's brother; Joseph Taylor, Clara's brother; Orville Taylor; and Phillip Taylor. Back row, l-r: George Morrison, holding James and John Morrison; Edward Sutter; and Richard Butler Taylor, Jr., Clara's father. All of these are deceased, except Dorothy and Florence Morrison, Mable Taylor, and Haskell Sutter.

(Photo courtesy of Clara Westrick, 280 Westrick Lane, Carrollton, KY 41008.)