Grigsby Grade School, ca. 1920

Grigsby Grade School class, taken on Lotts Creek, Perry County, Kentucky, about 1920.

The school was located about three miles up the creek, near where the Smith's store is today. This photo was given to Eddie (the submitter) by his Aunt Dora (Grigsby) Gayheart, who still lives on Lotts Creek and is in this picture.

Row one, l-r: Marcus Grigsby (son of Bryant Grigsby), Ezra Grigsby (son of Wayne Grigsby), Mae Combs, Luna Grigsby (daughter of Wayne Grigsby), Luther Grigsby (son of Martin Grigsby), Monroe Hurt, Arthur Smith, McKenly Feltner, Kate Godsey, Suzie Godsey, Ernest Grigsby (son of Wayne Grigsby), Charlie Godsey, and Hermit Grigsby (son of Bryant Grigsby).

Row two, l-r: Mavory Grigsby (daughter of Bryant Grigsby), Wayne Feltner (son of Wheeler Feltner), Pearl Short, Edith Combs, Dora Grigsby (daughter of Martin Grigsby), Sally Grigsby (daughter of Wayne Grigsby), Elsa Grigsby (daughter of David "Dirg" Grigsby), Dicy Smith, Walter Smith, Rudy Feltner, Mallie Godsey, Orkie Smith, Napoleon "Pole" Napier (son of Granville Napier), unknown, and Morton Smith (the teacher).

(Photo courtesy of Eddie M. Grigsby, 571 Belgrave Lane, Tucker, GA 30084, E-mail: [email protected])