Charlie Benton Marcum & Family, 1938

"This is a picture of the Charlie Benton Marcum family taken on a fall Sunday afternoon in 1938. The corn had been cut and put in shocks (see background). This family had the tradition of gathering at either Charlie Benton's or John's (brothers) residence for Sunday dinner (lunch). This Sunday they were gathered at Charlie Benton Marcum's residence near Pitts in Estill County. My father, Carlton Hobert Marcum, was the seventh child in this family. He is seated and is the second from the left. As was the tradition, the wives are standing behind their husbands. Left to right, standing: Gracie Marcum, holding daughter, Betty Jean Marcum. Gracie is the daughter of John Marcum and Patsy McIntosh Marcum. Next, Edna Mae Finney Marcum, holding daughter, Ruth Marcum Sumner, the chubby-cheeked baby. Next, Patsy McIntosh Marcum, wife of John Marcum. Next, Nannie Bell Barnes Marcum, born 1876 - died 1971, wife of Charlie Benton Marcum. Next, Charles Irvine Marcum (12th child). Next, William Velmer Marcum (11th child). 10th child - Ronald Lawrence Marcum is taking the picture. Seated - Hubert Lester Marcum, eighth child, married Gracie Marcum. Next, Carlton Hobert Marcum, died 1989. Next, John M. Marcum, brother of Charlie Benton Marcum. Next , Charlie Benton Marcum, born 1877 - died 1947. Next, Roxie Irene Marcum Gross (close to five years old). Next, William L. Marcum, brother of Charlie Benton Marcum. Still alive are: Hubert Lester, Gracie, Betty Jean, Edna, Ruth, Roxie Irene, William Velmer, and Ronald Lawrence Marcum, who was taking the picture. Charlie Benton Marcum, John M. Marcum, and William L. Marcum are the sons of Silas Parker Marcum, born in Bedford County, Virginia, who migrated to Kentucky in 1854 and settled in Owsley County, and from there he moved to Pitts, in Estill County, Kentucky. He is buried on White Oak in the Tyree Graveyard near his second wife, Terzia McIntosh Puckett Marcum. His first wife, Sarah Ann Beard Marcum, is buried in the Tipton Graveyard near Pitts, Estill County, Kentucky."

(Photos courtesy of Ruth Marcum Sumner.)