One of the popular features found in The Kentucky Explorer each month is genealogy, often published in the form of letters, queries, photographs, and stories. Several serial features, such as Kentucky Genealogy Websites, Kentucky Genealogy Help Line, Genealogy From The Long Ago, and Strictly Kentucky Genealogy, are dedicated solely to this purpose and continue from month to month.

Here are some genealogy items from our September 2001 issue:

Johnson (From "Kentucky Genealogy Help Line")

Seek info. on Elizabeth Johnson, b. 6/14/1876, Ky., d. 10/3/1948, Corbin, Ky., dau. of Jesse Johnson and Emily Gabbard, m. Henry Hignite, had Grace. Any info. appreciated.

Dorothy Martin
9470 Haddington Court
Cincinnati, OH 45251


Seek info. on Shell family, Southeastern Ky., in relation to Uncle John Shell, Greasy Creek, Leslie Co., Ky. Any info. appreciated.

Diane Lambert
729 Caldwell Lane
Demossville, KY 41033


Seek info. on the family of Blue Fugate, Troublesome Creek. This family is connected to my husband. Also, anyone with info. on Barnett family. Any info. appreciated.

Barbara J. Fugate
3838 N. Lakeshore Drive
Jamestown, OH 45335

Lewis-Payne (From "Genealogy From The Long Ago")

A Thomas Lewis, who was born in Virginia in 1749, could not have been identical with the Thomas Lewis who was a Burgess from Augusta County in 1765, and who was a delegate from the same county to the convention of 1775; they did not send boys of 16 to the House of Burgesses.

The Burgess from Augusta County was the oldest of the sons of John Lewis, an Irish stonemason, who was the pioneer settler in the neighborhood of Staunton in 1732.

The other sons were Gen. Andrew Lewis; Col. William Lewis of Sweet Springs; and Col. Charles Lewis, who fell at Point Pleasant, a notable and vigorous breed of people.

Thomas, the eldest son, was the most intellectual and cultivated of the brothers; an able lawyer and expert surveyor, but, owing to his being nearsighted, had little part in active military affairs. He was not a Colonel in the Revolution. He was not born in Virginia in 1749, but in Ireland in 1738. He did not marry Ann Payne. His wife was one of the many daughters of William Strother of Stafford County. He did not die at the Olympian Springs in Bath County, Kentucky, but at his residence in Rockingham County, Virginia. He never lived in Kentucky, and it is doubtful if he was ever in Kentucky.

He had sons, who won distinction in the Revolution, but the Thomas Lewis who married Ann Payne was not one of them, nor was he in anyway related to the Burgess.

It is not known the identity of Thomas Lewis of Fayette County with any of the several Lewis families of Virginia. None of his descendants appear to know what family of Lewises he belonged. He was not a Colonel in the Continental line.

Kentucky Genealogy Family Research And Documentation Services

(From "Kentucky Genealogy Websites")

Website features Kentucky genealogical research, family history, pedigree ancestry, and Kentucky vital records (birth, marriage, and death).

Provides prompt reply for:

  • Birth index (by child's name), 1911-1995; birth index (by mother's name), 1911-1995;
  • Marriage index (by groom's name), 1973-1995;
  • Marriage index (by bride's name), 1973-1995;
  • Divorce index (by wife's name), 1974-1995;
  • Divorce index (by husband's name), 1974-1995;
  • Death certificate index, 1911-1995;
  • Kentucky census records, tax records, land records, land-ownership maps;
  • Kentucky Court Records -- Will, probate, deed, abstract, divorce, guardianship, and adoption.
  • Kentucky Government Records -- State, county, and local.
  • Kentucky Church Records -- Register, baptism, christening, wedding, death, funeral;
  • Kentucky cemetery and burial records;
  • Kentucky Civil War and military records
  • Kentucky Compiled Records -- Directories, lists, catalogues, registers, indexes, dictionaries, and biographies.
  • Kentucky Newspapers -- Announcements, engagements, weddings, obituaries, family businesses and farms.
  • Kentucky Local Institutions -- Schools, societies, and libraries.
  • Kentucky Local Records -- Telephone and city directories, periodicals, and Kentucky local history.

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