Blue Diamond School, Perry County, 1947

Mallie D. Elrod, P. O. Box 104, Bonnyman, KY 41719, shares this 1947 photo of the first grade class of Blue Diamond Grade School (Perry County). Mrs. Maude Combs was the teacher.

The children at the farthest table are: Della Mae Miller, Joseph Minard, Wilgus Campbell, Jean Tincher, Carol Elrod (Mallie's daughter), and Alice Minard.

The children at the middle table are: Yvonne Duff, Kenneth Cress, David Campbell, Margaret Terry, Goldie Fugate, Clyde Stacy, Kenneth Calwell, Gwendoylyn Allen, Francis Mize, and Wilma Robinson.

The children at the first table are: Agnes King, Junior Noble, Mike Miller, Edith Williams, Sam Campbell, Bill Johnson, and Jimmy Ray Daughtery.