Acup/Happy School, Perry County

Edith Skjoldager of Okeana, Ohio, shares this photo of her grandfather, Robert William Combs, better known as "Black Bob" Combs (in chair), and some of his students taken during the early 1920s.

This was the Acup or Happy, Kentucky, school in Perry County. Some of the children, not in order, are: Arminta Combs Godsey, daughter of Green Combs, brother of "Black Bob;" Ioma Combs Mohr, daughter of C. Dilce Combs (son of "Black Bob") and Leona Shepherd Combs; and Bertha Combs Bartlett, daughter of C. Dilce and Leona.

Mrs. Skjoldager hopes that someone can identify the remaining children.

The Robert W. Combs Elementary School at Happy, Perry County, Kentucky, was named for "Black Bob."

Dilce Combs Memorial High School, at Jeff, Perry County, Kentucky, was named for "Black Bob's" son, C. Dilce.