A Civil War Veterans Reunion

During the War of the Great Rebellion, soldiers from Kentucky naturally fought on both sides. However, some years after the Civil War ended, many of the old soldiers began to hold reunions. Often Union soldiers had their local reunions as did Confederate soldiers. Sometimes they met together.

These old meetings were a time when memories of younger days were fondly, but sadly recalled. They were times when old battle comrades and war deeds were once again remembered.

As the years passed, fewer and fewer Civil War veterans answered the roll call at reunions. Finally all were gone, and others began to tell their stories. However, today we can still find their pictures here and there. These old photos are, indeed, treasures from our past.

The above photo is just such a photograph. As can be seen, only 20 veterans made it to this reunion. Probably, in years past, their number had been in the hundreds. One of the veterans, John Shoopman (1829-1915), is the great-grandfather of the submitter.

Each man is numbered in the photograph. On the back of the photo, in old-time handwriting, are names of some. They are (as well as can be read): 1. Ike Sherffield; 2. Sid Panagen; 3. John Reano; 4. no name; 5. John Shoopman; 6. Bill Allen; 7. no name; 8. no name; 9. Freling Thrasher; 10. Joe Kennedy; 11., 12., 13., no names; 14. Tug Hancock; 15. Os Tabor; 16. ? Davis; 17. no name; 18. Thomas Carr; 19. Acie Harper; and 20. no name.

(Photo courtesy of Keith Shoopman, 1340 Pinnacle Drive, Pensacola, FL 32504, [email protected].)