One of the popular features found in The Kentucky Explorer each month is genealogy, often published in the form of letters, queries, photographs, and stories. Several serial features, such as Kentucky Genealogy Websites, Kentucky Genealogy Help Line, Genealogy From The Long Ago, and Strictly Kentucky Genealogy, are dedicated solely to this purpose and continue from month to month.

Here are some genealogy queries from our July-August 2001 issue:


Seek info. on descendants of Andy Scott, b. 1864, and Ella Kelly Scott, b. 1876, Wolfpit, Ky., children: Roy, Emma, Ralph, Steve Edward, Charley, and John Estil. Any info. appreciated.

Pat Kelly Mansfield
3802 Dorko Court
Columbus, OH 43224
[email protected]


Seek photos of my g. g. grandparents, Andrew Jackson Harrison, m. 11/3/1859, Nancy Mary Lainhart, had nine children; and William Lainhart, m. 7/7/1869, Mahala Isaac, had 15 children; and my g. g. g. grandparents, Johnathan Harrison, m. 12/28/1837, Mary Lakes, had 13 children. Any help appreciated.

Melissa Walters
2834 Redhouse Road
Richmond, KY 40475


Seek info. on J. Wilburn Johnson, b. 4/7/1879, Bell Co., Ky., lived Corn Creek and Rockholds, Ky., son of Jesse Johnson and Mary Adeline Cox. Any info. appreciated.

Dorothy M. Martin
9470 Haddington Court
Cincinnati, OH 45251
[email protected]


Seek info. on Martha Jane Terry, m. Elisha Johnson, children: Oliver, b. 1873; Dora, b. 1876, m. Steve Bryant; Maggie, b. 1878; Della, b. 1885, m. Ed Holt; Martha Jane, b. 1890, m. Anderson McIntosh; Abe, b. 1894, m. Mary McIntosh; Robert, b. 1897, m. Goldie Callahan; John, m. Sally Noble; and Daily, b. 1899, m. Mary Neely. My grandfather was Daily Johnson. Also, seek info. on George Johnson, had Henley Johnson, m. Malvery Terry, had Albert; Willie Terry; and Mort Terry. Any info. appreciated.

Ruth Smith
115 Betsy Lane, Apt. 117
Indianapolis, IN 46227


Seek info. on John Comstock, listed in the 1860 Knox Co. census, living with the J. W. and Mahala Crawford family. What is the relationship? Any info. appreciated.

Dorothy Hunter
HC 68, Box 2625
Mariba, KY 40322

From: "Genealogy From The Long Ago"

John Ball of Pennsylvania married Mary Richards. Their son, John Ball, married Sally or Sarah Ellen Payne (called the Belle of Stafford), in Stafford County, Virginia, in 1770. Their son, John Ball, married Alcy Withers in Fauquier County, Virginia. They removed to Breckinridge County, Kentucky, in 1809, where they lived and reared a large family; nine daughters and three sons.


Some Rodgers marriage notes of interest from Bourbon County records. Thomas Rodgers and Rebecca Spharr, September 11, 1792. William Rodgers and Janet Hamilton, December 24, 1805. Joseph Rodgers and Sally Robinet, May 1796. Sally Rodgers and Joseph Hume, October 15, 1798. Polly Rodgers and Thos. Butler, August 7, 1816. William Rodgers and Nancy Lyon, February 16, 1815. Jane Rodgers and Jacob Van Derventer, June 15, 1815. Joseph and Rachel Robinett, November 20, 1826. John Rodgers and Eleanor Hildreth, January 1, 1822. Joseph Rodgers and Sally Mallory, December 16, 1818. James Rodgers and Mary J. Ammerman, December 6, 1849. Isabel Rodgers and Wm. Knox, May 20, 1819. Catherine Rodgers and Victor McKenny, December 29, 1829. Mariah Rodgers and John Scott, September 19, 1828. Benjamin Rodgers and Mary A. Halleck, September 27, 1838. Hardan Rodgers and Elizabeth Wilson, January 28, 1838. Elizabeth Rodgers and John Leer, March 4, 1845. Martha M. Rodgers and Fleming Wyatt, June 25, 1828. Chas. Fleming Rodgers and Margaret Ford, May 21, 1844.

On April 15, 1846, James Rodgers' heirs signed an article manumitting a Negro man named Squire. They were Thomas, administrator, with will annexed; James Rodgers; Joseph Rodgers, Zephaniah Johnson, and wife, Jane Rodgers Johnson; Hamilton Rodgers; James Knox; Hannah Frances Knox; Wm. Jackson; Lewis Lanham; James Rodgers; Sally Lanham; Wm. Rodgers; Ed Lanham; Eliza Lanham; Joseph Rodgers; Rosetta Rodgers; and Hardin Rodgers.

Of another family: Richard Rogers and Keturah Eastin, February 28, 1821. Emily Rogers and Coleman Reed, January 23, 1823. James Rogers and Susannah Ford, October 9, 1810. Robert W. Rogers and Sally Cornick, January 8, 1817. Fanny Rogers and Wm. M. Irvin, March 16, 1817. Nancy Rogers and John Price, July 24, 1817. John Rogers and Polly McNajoy, January 16, 1817. Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas South, December 19, 1819. John Rogers and Elvira A. Rogers, March 17, 1803. Andrew Rogers, deed to Humphrey Marshall, November 13, 1812.


Raleigh Williams married Miss Rebecca Littrelle, a French Huguenot, in Culpeper, Virginia. They moved to what is now Montgomery County, Kentucky, before Kentucky was separated from Virginia. Col. John Williams, a son of Raleigh and Rebecca Williams, married Mariah Stuart, about 1818, and lived in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, until his death. Raleigh was a lineal descendant of Roger Williams.


John Wyatt came from Virginia to Kentucky about 1780, then about 40 years of age. He married Nellie Burgain, daughter of William and Bordra Burgain. They settled in Anderson County. John was the brother of Samuel and Edmund. He was a hatter and furrier. He left children: William, John, Isaac, Mary, Laura, and Sarah.


The Halls of America are descendants of the eminent theologian and writer, Joseph Hall, of England, born 1574, died 1656. His descendants were Robert, John, James, Matthew, Benjamin, and Thaddeus. Prof. James Hall of Albany, New York; C. W. Hall of Minneapolis University; Elwood Hall of Pennsylvania; Rev. Nathan Hall; D. D. Hall; Wm. Hall; Randall Hall; Shadrach Hall; Allen Hall; John R. Hall; Matthew W. Hall; Crawford W. Hall; and Samuel N. Hall are of the same family.

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