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Recipes For Cured Ham, Hominy, And Soap

I remember back in the early 1930s when we killed hogs on the farm in Hopkins County. Papa used a recipe for the first time to cure hams and bacon. I believe it was written on a scrap of paper torn from a brown paper sack.

The recipe called for brown sugar, salt, black pepper, and saltpeter, mixed together and rubbed on the meat, before it was hung in the smokehouse to be smoked. We really liked that meat, and I don't remember Papa ever curing the meat any other way after that. I'd like to have that recipe.

I remember Mama, Sarah Alexander Craft (born January 1, 1884, died November 1, 1972), talking about the old-timers saving wood ashes in an ash hopper to make lye, which was used in making hominy and lye soap. Can anyone tell me just how this was done? How was an ash hopper made? When was water added to the ashes?

A lady from Tennessee told me that her mother or grandmother used sifted wood ashes and corn to make hominy. Was a certain kind of wood burned to make the ashes? I would appreciate any recipes or instructions.

I can't think of anywhere I would try to get this information, except from Kentucky Explorer readers. I wish I'd known about this great magazine sooner. When I saw an article about it in a newspaper in our local area, I knew I had to learn more about it. I sent in the subscription and have since subscribed for two friends. Keep it coming!

Faye Edmunds
306 S. Woodridge Road
Hopkinsville, KY 42240-1532

Need Wonder Story Books And Dolls

We have been reading The Kentucky Explorer for about ten years now and look forward to our copy each month.

We were wondering if anyone could help us locate two books. After Sunsets and It Happened One Day are Wonder storybooks for school written by Miriam Blanton Huber and published by Harper & Row.

We are also looking for "Mrs. Beasley" and "Hugga Bunch" dolls. If anyone has or knows where we can purchase these items, please contact us. We will pay a reasonable price for them, plus the postage.

Thanks for a great magazine!

Mr. and Mrs. Lyonel Beatty
P. O. Box 38
Parker's Lake, KY 42634

Song By Gary Morris

Does anyone know where I can get a tape of the song "Give Her Thorns, And She'll Find The Roses"? I think Gary Morris sang it. I would really appreciate your help.

Kathlyn Gevedon Carroll
27 Highland Meadows Circle #8
Highland Heights, KY 41076

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