Headed For Church (Grayson County), ca.1924

"This picture was taken about 1924. From left to right are my sister-in-law, Edith Telford Carter; my mother, Elizabeth Probus Carter; and me sitting on my mother's lap. She is sitting on a side saddle.

"The photo was taken on a Sunday morning. We were getting ready to go to church at Stone's View. I was about two years old at that time. I'm now 78 years old. We lived in Kentucky not too far from Leitchfield in Grayson County.

"The old log barn in the background was where the horses were kept. My father, Joseph Emanuel Carter, and my grandpa used to raise tobacco together. My dad also raised sheep, and my mother raised chickens and turkeys. Our only transportation was horseback, buggy, wagon, or walking.

"My mom and dad reared eight boys and two girls. We moved to Illinois in 1935. I was the baby, and my brothers and sisters have all passed away now."

(Photo courtesy of Mickey E. Carter, P.O. Box 363, Loami, IL 62661.)