Woodbine (Whitley County) School, 1909

In years now passed, it was a tradition for all students to gather in front of their school for the annual school photo. This photo often included every student, teacher, and in some cases parents and friends, who might be in the vicinity when the photographer arrived.

These old photos are treasures now, as they often represent the only known pictures of classmates and teachers. How sad that the tradition has ended. Of course, the disappearance of most of Kentucky's small schools is one reason why group photos are no longer taken. In some cases, a photograph would have to include hundreds of students. Still, such pictures would be treasured in the years to come.

One of our readers has a large collection of such photographs from his home area, Woodbine in Whitley County. His collection includes school groups from the early 1900s until about 1950. From time to time he shares photos with our readers.

Pictured above is Woodbine School, sometimes called the Little Red School, in 1909. Located in the village of Woodbine, just south of Corbin, this school had two classrooms, the larger one for the older students and a smaller one for the younger students.

Some of the students attending this school included: Nora Rose, Bessie Perkins, Sylvia Harris, Emerson Archer, Bertha Harris, Jewell Brittain, Arthur Kelsay, Layton Woodall, Ottis Sutton, Willie Bundy, Ray Steele, Roscoe Taylor, Horace Rose, Otis Taylor, Della Taylor, Maud Steele, Lula Chandler, Lillie Moore. Susie Taylor, Ben Kidd, Ira Archer, Lonzo Taylor, Herman Sullivan, Arthur Harris, Odis Perkins, Arthur Taylor, William Taylor, Henry Kidd, James Bryant, Elijah Midd, Starling Skinner, Elbert Taylor, Mary Kidd Edna Davis, Oline Kidd, Bill Rose, Vasco Monhollen, Ed Sutton, Alto Pemberton, Jess Rose, Amanda Jones, Bea Sutton, Una Capps, Artie Meadows, Gertrude Perkins, Lora Sharp, Cecil Sullivan, Ethel Martin, Nora Jones, Mollie Pemberton, Jessie Perkins, Bessie Rogers, Stella Kelsay, and Mart Faddis.

The little school is only a memory now. However, through such pictures as this one, Woodbine School and other schools will live on.

(Photo courtesy of Richard Vaughn Smith, 120 W. Charles Street, Batavia, OH 45103.)