We exercise a lot of care and patience in reproducing the best quality photographs we can on newsprint paper. This is often a difficult task, but today's technology has made it possible with not a lot of difficulty. The old rule of thumb was that a reproduction of any photograph could only be as good as the original. Not anymore! Now we have the capability of reproducing photos, in many cases, that look even better than the original!

Thankfully, we receive many more photographs than we need each month, so there is no guarantee that your photos will be published in the current issue. Please be patient. This creates a backlog of material, and sometimes it takes a while to get your photos into the magazine. For a more timely opportunity and the best results in quality, keep in mind the following guidelines:

(1) When possible, send good photocopies or scans of your photos. Black and white or color makes little difference. Never send the original via U. S. mail, unless absolutely necessary;

(2) If scanning photos for submission via e-mail, keep your scans at 150-200 dpi (75-100 lpi). According to industry experts, anything larger than this is a waste of time and space, and it takes forever to download them. Send all photos as JPEG or GIF files only! We use Apple-based computers and cannot decifer Windows formats, such as .DOC (Word).

(3) Include identifying information as accurately and thoroughly as possible. The more you can say about a photograph, such as when and where it was taken and who is pictured in the photo, etc., the more value it will have for others when it is published. Also include your own name, address, phone number, and e-mail, so that we or our readers may contact you about your photos, if desired.

(4) Do not send photos from newspapers, magazines, books, or any other previously published sources. Copyright laws come into play here.

While working with photographs is a time-consuming task, from month to month, we feel that our published photos are certainly worth the effort, and they provide yet another resource in helping to preserve our past for future generations to enjoy.

Here are some photos (reduced in quality for Internet format) from our May 2001 issue:

Genealogy Photos (Page 56TL, Page 79L, Page 85, Page 88, Page 90)

General Interest Photos (Page 16, Page 63, Page 49, Page 54, Page 56BL)

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