Genealogy Photographs

Clarence Halcomb, 3890 Weigel Lane, Hamilton, OH 45015, shares this photo of the Hurricane Gap School in Gordon, Letcher County, Kentucky. The photo was taken in 1930/31. Front row, l-r: Gertrude Coots, Joann Boggs, Ruth May Halcomb, Magdeline Boggs, Clyde Coots, Delmer Shepherd, Little Shepherd, Chester Cornett, Hillard Holcomb, Olan Cornett, Warren Halcomb, and Manous Halcomb. Second row, l-r: Lawrence Halcomb, Curtis Halcomb, Astor Halcomb, George Boggs, Curtis Helton, Shelby Helton, Astor Coots, Willmer Halcomb, Les Shepherd, Hubert Gilliam, Lovel Davison, Dorothy Halcomb, Myrtle Halcomb, and Columbus Coots. Third row, l-r: Clarence Halcomb, Earl Halcomb, Freida Halcomb, Carl D. Helton, Bonnie Helton, Ruby Halcomb, and Lola Halcomb. Back row, l-r: Mrs. Miracle (teacher), May Boggs, Tary Davis Cappy Halcomb, and Fred Helton.

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