Benham High School Graduates, 1932

Frank Napier, 749 Hudis Street, Rohnert Park, CA 94928, shares this photo of his 1932 graduating class of Benham High School in Harlan County. He would like to hear from any of his classmates or friends.

Superintendent John A. Dotson is the third down from the top, extreme left corner. J. M. Taylor, the principal, is in the right corner. Mr. Napier is to be found in the third row, seventh from the right. Others are not named in the photo.

The Class of 1932 consisted of Opal Adams, Margaret Anderson, Charles Chadwick, Hazel Clevenger, Maura Creech, Ray Creech, Harrison Cornett, Ruth Day, Bert Fields, Hazel Frazier, Ruby Frazier, Ruby Hall, John Helton, Gola Huff, Goldie Ison, Minnie Ison, Lena Jackson, Hovey Jacobs, Goldie Jarvis, Grace Jenkins, Hobert Kaylor, Gussie Kerry, Alice Mattingly, Edward Melton, Edwin Melton, Hazel Billips, Henry Murrin, Frank Napier, Evelyn Pierce, Ruth Pippin, Benjamin Poore, Bessie Stamper, Pearlie Stamper, Betty Roark, Robert Tucker, Mashburn VanZandt, Bradley Wall, Mabel Williams, Betty Wood, and James Whitehead.

Faculty included: John A. Dotson, superintendent of Benham Schools; J. M. Taylor, principal of Benham High School, head of Social Studies Department, and head coach; Bernice H. Aguilera, head of the Language Department, Willie Reid Authenreith, teacher of commerce; William E. Clark, head of English Department; and Jennie E. Ramsey, teacher of English; Glennie B. Fisher, head of Mathematics Department; Reuben B. DeVary, teacher of math; Maurine Walker Mauser, head of Home Economic Department; Elmer R. Robinson, head of Science Department, and Loine Floyd, head of Music Department.

In 1932 the school published a daily paper entitled The Ditto Daily Club, which was part of the journalism class. The paper actually began during the 1930-31 school year and Benhamwas believed to have been the only school in that part of Kentucky to have had such an organization.