Strictly Kentucky Genealogy

Editor's Note: The following materials first appeared in The Kentucky Genealogist some years ago.

An Early Cemetery in Ohio County, Kentucky

This cemetery is located on the Old Leitchfield Road, several miles east of Whitesville, Kentucky; and just east of the Herbert Road, on the Ohio/Daviess County border, on the Aud farm. The inscriptions were copied by Mr. M. J. Edgeworth, March 4, 1964.

Brown, Nannie T., born 9/21/1847, died 9/26/1928.
Coleman, Lemuel T., born 6/16/1885, died 2/8/1908.
Crow, Elizabeth, wife of S. H., born 1/25/1829, died 2/26/1858.
Ellis, William P., born Goochland County, Virginia, 8/23/1780, died 3/5/1842.
Ellis J. P. (Elder), born Shelby County, Kentucky, 10/18/1811, died 5/8/1892.
Ellis, Jane S., wife, born Fairfax County, Virginia, 8/3/1811, died 11/12/1889.
Ellis Luther C., born 2/10/1838, died 1/29/1892.
Ellis, Sallie E., wife, born 1/16/1849, died 1/4/1924.
Haynes, John R., born 5/4/1832, died 9/29/1925.
Haynes, Rebecca A., wife, born 3/7/1841, died 1/4/1914.
Huff, John J., born 1835, died 1910.
Huff, Mollie, born 1852, died 1912.
Kelley, Elizabeth, wife of J. T., born 7/27/1822, died 7/17/1890.
Lloyd, T. H., born 10/15/1854, died 8/11/1935.
Lloyd, Susan F., wife, born 3/9/1860, died 2/15/1904.
Lyons, John, died 7/13/1874, age 67 years.
Lyons, Kassandria, born 3/25/1818, died 3/27/1876.
McCarty, Frances O., dau. of J. M. & R. W., born 1/23/1854, died 12/5/1869.
McCarty, Liza Hudson, died 6/3/1906, age 80 years.
McCarty, William W., born 2/2/1826, died 11/20/1910.
McCarty, Elizabeth E., born 2/25/1831, died 2/9/1911.
Norris, Lucy P., wife of H. C., born 2/25/1851, died 9/22/1889.
Ragsdale, Eliza A., wife of W. G., born 7/22/1826, died 5/2/1872.
Ragsdale, Bettie, born 6/3/1857, died 8/26/1865.
Taylor, Kitty A., wife of J. T., born 10/15/1848, died 12/9/1888.
Whitely, Henry, born 12/6/1817, died 3/8/1894.
Whitely, Ellen, wife, born 1/17/1821, died 6/1/1857.
Whitely, Henry (different marker), born 5/16/1834, died 4/18/1903.

Mitchell Family Cemetery, Hopkins County, Kentucky

This cemetery is located in a wooded area near Manitou, Kentucky. The inscriptions were copied in October 1957.

Mitchell, Samuel, died 7/11/1846; age 60 years, four months, and 14 days.
Mitchell, William G., died 5/4/1851; age 35 years, two months, and 12 days.
Massey, Susan, wife of James E. I., died 5/16/1861.

Note: Samuel Mitchell, farmer of Manitou, Hopkins County, Kentucky, had a wife, Susan B., who died ca. 1865; and three children. These children were Susan, wife of William G. Mitchell; Ailcy Mitchell; and Samuel Y. Mitchell, died 1848, Hopkins County, Kentucky. Samuel Y. Mitchell, who was killed in a political argument, married August 11, 1842, in Hopkins County, Kentucky, Temperance Tompkins, daughter of William Tompkins; and had two children: Samuel Y. Mitchell, Jr.; and Mary Rust Mitchell, born 1844. Mary Rust Mitchell married, on October 20, 1863, in Hopkins County, Kentucky, Robert Jackson Rutherford.

The following Hopkins County, Kentucky, records substantiate the above information:

Hopkins County, Kentucky, Will Book Five, page 310, dated December 23, 1846: Estate appraisal of Samuel Mitchell, deceased.
Hopkins County, Kentucky, Will Book Five, page 320: Dower of Susan B. Mitchell in estate of her dec'd husband, Samuel Mitchell.

Hopkins County, Kentucky, Will Book Six, page 1, dated May 24, 1848: Sale Bill of personal property of Samuel Y. Mitchell, dec'd, as filed by Wm. Tompkins.
Hopkins County, Kentucky, Will Book Seven, page 151, dated June 1, 1853: Report of Temperance Mitchell, guardian for Samuel Y. Mitchell and Mary R. Mitchell, heirs of Samuel Y. Mitchell, deceased.
Hopkins County, Kentucky, Deed Book 15, page 443: Listing children and heirs of Samuel and Susan Mitchell.
Hopkins County, Kentucky, Deed Book 26, page 461, dated September 5, 1865: Robert J. and M. R. Rutherford sell to Sailcy Ann Morrow, the one-sixth interest which came to M. R. Rutherford, as granddaughter of Samuel and Susan B. Mitchell.
Hopkins County, Kentucky, Deed Book 12, page 29, dated October 13, 1845: William Tompkins gives Negroes to following children: James Tompkins; William Tompkins; Samuel Tompkins; Polly, wife of Marshall Dunkerson; Martha, wife of Nathaniel Lynn; Temperance, wife of Samuel Y. Mitchell; Permutta Tompkins; and June Tompkins.

Note: Mary Rust Mitchell and Robert Jackson Rutherford had a son, Edward Waller Rutherford, died 1942, in Hopkins County, Kentucky, who married Ella Laura Taylor, 1874-1946. Their daughter, Opal Rutherford, married November 8, 1929 (?), in Hopkins County, Kentucky, now of Owensboro, Kentucky.

Wells Cemetery, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Located about one-quarter of a mile northwest of Highways 17 and 853, south of Greenville, Kentucky. Copied November 16, 1963, by M. J. Edgeworth, Owensboro, Kentucky.

Drake, Ann W., died 5/17/1913, age 77 years.
Pruett, _____, infant daughter, born 11/3/1872, died 11/3/1872.
*Wells, Mosley P., born 3/21/1798, died 8/25/1867.
Wells, Luranney S., wife, born 12/21/1809, died 8/27/1896.
Wells, Alney W., born 7/25/1882, died 8/24/1886.
Wells, Dan, born 4/13/1885, died 10/24/1947.
Wells, Dorinda Keith, born 3/8/1842, died 8/22/1895.
Wells, Edgar, born 4/7/1875, died 3/1/1876.
Wells, Micagah, born 5/14/1844, died 8/17/1899.
Wells, Mosley C., son of M. P. & L., born 3/16/1839, died 4/6/1864.
Wells, Nancy L., daughter of M. P. & L., born 9/21/1837, died 9/4/1851.
Wells, ____ infant son of Jos. J., Sr., & E. A., born 7/25/1859, died 8/14/1859.

*A son of Micajah Wells (1772-1851) from North Carolina to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. See Rothert's History of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, page 39.

Trogdon Cemetery, Ohio County, Kentucky

Located on the Ohio/Davies County border, about one-quarter of a mile east of Pleasant Ridge, Kentucky. Copied March 7, 1964, by M. J. Edgeworth, Owensboro, Kentucky.

Bates, J. H., "Co. K, 3rd Tenn. Inf."
Northern, James L., born 5/24/1848, died 11/28/1911, married September 1878, Martha Trogden.
Northern, Martha, wife, born 4/19/1849, died 10/26/1920.
Northern, Leona, born 1/3/1883, died 1/6/1925.
Trogdon, Chesley, born 1/1/1812, died 12/1/1877.
Trogdon, Irene, wife, born 12/25/1814, died 2/21/1891.
Trogden, Nancy, wife of J. F., born 4/11/1850, died 12/22/1890.
Trogelin, Sarah E., wife of Aaron, died 8/11/1873, age 22 years.

Note: In this small cemetery, the name Trogden was spelled three different ways on the various tombstones: Trogdon, Trogden, and Trogelin.