Lexington, Fayette County, ca. 1875

LEXINGTON ABOUT 1875 - In 1954 Nell Vaughn wrote the following about this historic photo of downtown Lexington, Kentucky:
"No electric wires or streetcar tracks were in evidence when this picture was taken along Main Street between Mill and Broadway.

"DeLong & Co., in the building at the right, was a farm implement store. It was operated by Edward S. DeLong and his brother, Ally G. DeLong.

"The Clark and Brother Wholesale Grocery Company was located, from 1867 to 1874, in the old building with the slanted roof.

"Gibney and Cassell, owned by William H. Cassell and R. A. Gibney, merchants, was on the ground floor of the building at left.

"M. J. Smith had a millinery shop upstairs.

"The building partly shown at left housed Milward and Company, furniture dealers and manufacturers.

"The site of the buildings is (in 1954) occupied by the Purcell Company. The Purcell building was constructed in two sections, the first in 1906 and the other in 1923.

"Tracks for horse-drawn streetcars were laid on Main Street in 1882, and the first electric light companies in Lexington were also formed that year."