Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer

Editor's Note: In 1879 a state gazetteer was published for the entire state of Kentucky. The book included a description of most every community from the smallest to the largest. Agents for the book must have traveled to all parts of Kentucky collecting names and advertisements. The book does not contain any photographs. (Just think of the scenes they could have photographed!) Most every month The Kentucky Explorer reprints portions of this very interesting book. Different communities, some now extinct, are featured just as they appeared in the 1879 Kentucky State Gazetteer.


In the northeastern part of Marion County, 12 miles west of Lebanon, the county seat; five miles southwest of Chicago, its nearest shipping point, on the Knoxville branch of the L. & G. S. R. R.; and 60 miles southeast of Louisville. Tri-weekly mail. Population, 160. G. H. Miller, postmaster.

Business Directory:
Blair J J, blacksmith.
Brady G W, blacksmith.
Clark T J, druggist.
Head W H, distiller.
Healy John H, physician.
Kelly George, constable.
King Rev G L, Methodist.
McConnell Rev A T, Catholic.
McKune J H, shoemaker.
Malone J M, justice.
Martin R E, druggist.
Miller G H, notary public and dry goods.
Millen Z T, city marshal.
Peterson H B, physician.
Samuels Thomas, shoemaker.
Scott James, tanner.


A settlement of 160 people on the Ohio River in Bracken County, 10 miles from Butler, the nearest station, on the K. C. R. R.; and 182 miles from Louisville. Here are one M. E. church and one school. Tobacco and grain are shipped. Daily mail. G. B. Holmes, postmaster.

Business Directory:
Avery A, boot and shoemaker.
Craig T F, carpenter.
Deitz F, blacksmith.
Holmes G B, general store.
Ihrig August, blacksmith.
Ketchum Bros, leaf tobacco.
Ketchum J J, hotel.
McCollum _____, dentist.
McMath D & Son, general store.
Markley Bros, general store.
Marley Judge, barber.
Mullens C H, physician.
Northcut Rev.
Pfau Charles, boot and shoemaker.
Watson J F, physician.


This incorporated village of 700 inhabitants is on Black Lick Creek, in Logan County, 12 miles from Russellville, the county seat; and 131 miles from Louisville, via. L., N. & Gt. S. Ry. It has four churches; two steam flour mills; a good public school; and ships tobacco, wheat, pork, and corn. The W. U. Telegraph and Adams Express have offices. Auburn is a station on the Nashville division of the L., N. & Gt. S. Ry. Daily mail. J. W. Smith, postmaster.

Business Directory:
Atkinson Wm, hotel.
Buchanan N L, boot and shoemaker.
Childers D, grocer.
Childers James, confectionery.
Crewdson W N, hotel and drugs.
Davidson G W, dry goods.
Duffen A T, grocer.
Finley A J, physician.
Gordon & Griffith, flouring mill.
Halche W E, physician.
Hillman & Reilley, flour mill.
Holcomb G, physician.
Hucklebury C L, station and express agt.
McClary John, physician.
McCormick Rev J I, Presbyterian.
McDavitt & Hatcher, druggists.
Smith James W, dry goods.
Sutterfield E W, tinner.
Taylor Rev W C, Baptist.
Woodward Rev Robert, Baptist.


On the Ohio River, in the northern part of Gallatin County, of which it is the county seat, 82 miles northeast of Louisville; 10 miles northwest of Sparta Station, its nearest shipping point by rail, on the L., C. & L. R. R.; and was settled in 1818 and incorporated in 1934. It has four churches, viz. Christian, Baptist, Methodist, and Catholic; a male and female academy; two public schools; and one bank. Population, 800. John C. Richards, postmaster.

Business Directory:
Abbett Henry J, bank president.
Abbett Henry J Jr, physician.
Allen Thomas (col'd), blacksmith.
Beyers Andrew, bakery and grocery.
Brett Wm, blacksmith.
Brown's Hotel, John D Pulliam, proprietor.

Brown Robert B, lawyer.
Brown John R, grocer.
Brown Jas S, county judge and physician.
Chambers Horatio T, druggist.
Clore Hayse D, druggist.
Craig James W, county clerk.
Craig Wm, stoves and tinware.
Cromwell N F, justice of the peace.
Cox Florian, bank cashier.
Dailey Daniel B, leaf tobacco.
Dwyer Mrs Alice, millinery.
Flack Mrs Caroline, milliner and dressmaker.
Griffin S P & J W, dry goods and groceries.
Hall John J, shoemaker.
Hearick Michael, carriage and wagon mnfr.
Hogan Elijah, sheriff.
Howard James A, saw and grist mill.
Hudson John, county assessor.
Johnson Henry, barber.
Kirby Thos H, lawyer.
Landrum John J, lawyer.
Limback Thomas M, saddles and harness.
Lindell Hotel, J W Kirby, propr.
Lindsay Ben S, lawyer and county atty.
McDanell J S & Sons (J H McDanell, J H McDanell Jr, and J W McDanell), general store.
Marshall Frank K, constable.
Marshall House, Edwin Marshall, propr.
Mountjoy James E, general store.
Payne Wm & Son (William and Robert E Payne), general store.
Perry Roel, circuit court clerk.
Perry & Gibson (Roel Perry, David E.Gibson), flouring mill.
Pulliam John D, propr Brown's Hotel.
Richards John C, postmaster.
Robinson John T, physician.
Robinson Mrs Mary B, dressmaker.
Roberts W Hind, principal Warsaw Male and Female College and lawyer.
Rose Wm H, restaurant and shoemaker.
Russell Robert R, jeweler.
Spear Rev, Methodist South.
Stodgehill Mrs Martha, dressmaker.
Summons John B, wharf master.
Taaffe William, undertaker.
Taylor Rev Joseph, Christian.
Tiller L L, justice of the peace.
Turley Samuel, surveyor.
Vanice James M, painter.
Warsaw Deposit Bank, H J Abbett, pres; Florian Cox, cashr.
White John W, grocer.
Wilcher Joseph, jailer.
Williams Mrs Sarah, milliner.
Winn Wm, leaf tobacco.
Winters & Son (Wm H and George Winters), builders.
Winters Wm H, coroner.


In the southern part of Lincoln County, nine miles south of Stanford, the county seat; five miles northeast of King's Mountain Station, its nearest shipping point, on the C. S. Ry.; and 113 miles southeast of Louisville. Tri-weekly mail and stage to King's Mountain Station. H. P. Young, postmaster.

Business Directory:
Ballard John, blacksmith.
Butt John, blacksmith.
Barber H L, physician.
Carpenter John, saw mill.
Cook Rev J M, Methodist.
Hartin J K, general store.
Owens Rev Martin, Christian.
Ragen Rev Galen.
Watts & Ball, saw and flour mill.
Young H P, general store.
Young James, general store.

Locust Branch

In the southwestern part of Estill County, 12 miles southeast of Irvine, the county seat; 14 miles southeast of Harris Station, its nearest shipping point, on the Richmond branch of the L. & G. S. R. R.; and 150 miles southeast of Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. Population, 50. Turner Richardson, postmaster.

Business Directory:
Asbell James, blacksmith.
Gentry Curtis, general store.
Gentry D W, flour mill.
Howard John W, lawyer and druggist.
Kelly Wm, mail carrier.
Rice Charles, hotel.
Richardson Turner, general store.
Rose E D, flour mill.
Ruble J W, blacksmith.
Walker John W, physician.

Frozen Creek

This small post office is in Breathitt County, about 180 miles from Louisville; and 37 miles from Cornwall, the nearest railroad station. Here are three churches, one free school, one steam mill, and 50 people. Semi-weekly mail. A. T. Hurst, postmaster.

Business Directory:
Hanes Wm, blacksmith.
Hanshell Jefferson, blacksmith.
Hurst A T, farmer and postmaster.
Hurst S H, distiller and justice.
Day Wm, general store.
James Wm, justice of the peace.
Van Cleave A S, flour mill.

New Castle

In the western part of Henry County, the county seat; four miles north of Eminence, its nearest shipping point, on the L., C. & L. R. R.; 26 miles northwest of Frankfort; and 44 miles northeast of Louisville. It has recently laid out grounds for a new cemetery and erected a courthouse and jail, at a cost of $50,000. It has a male and female college and a national bank with a capital of $60,000. Daily mail and stage to Eminence; fate, 50 cents. Population, 700. T. J. Pearce, postmaster.

Business Directory:
Barnes J M & Son, wagon and plowmakers and dealers in agrel implts.
Bauer Fred, bakery.
Berryman James R, physician.
Bruce Stamper, justice of the peace.
Caplinger James N, druggist and hardware.
Carroll & Barbour, lawyers.
Caseldine Wm J, harnessmaker.
Chandler Joseph, jailer.
Chapman Ira, stoves and tinware.
Cook & Monroe, livery.
Coppersmith Wm L, jeweler.
Cravens Wm M, lawyer.
Ellis Wm H, grocer.
Elles Bros, general store.
Fitzgerald John A, surveyor.
Ford Walter E, grocery.
Grant H H, physician.
Gray Benj B, hotel, saloon, and grocery.
Haydon Joseph T, dry goods, boots, and shoes.
Hill Patrick H, circuit clerk.
Jesse George M, lawyer.
Jones John W, grocery.
Jones Samuel, school commissioner.
Jones Winfield S, ins agt.
Kahn Meyer M, dry goods.
Kelley Nicholas, saloon and shoemaker.
Luckett Mrs Martha S, millinery.
Mathews Calib M, lawyer.
Mathews Frank, lawyer.
Mathews John W, cashier National Bank of New Castle and insurance agt.
Mathews Joseph M, physician.
Moody Wm B, lawyer.
National Bank of New Castle, capitol $60,000; G C Castleman, pres; J W Mathews, cashier.
Neale & Luckett, carpenters.
Oldham Samuel P, physician.
Pearce James V, constable.
Perry Morgan B, saddlery and harness.
Rickets Arthur R, sheriff.
Ridgway John W, hotel.
Ridgway & Caseldine, livery.
Ryland Rev Robert D D, principal Henry Male and Female College.
Scott Charles T, master commissioner.
Smith Wm S, dentist.
Tallow Edward J, lawyer.
Thomas Edmond P, lawyer.
Thomas Sanford (col'd), restaurant.
Thomason R J, butcher.
Turner Wm W, county clerk.
Valentine John, furniture.
Webb & Masterson, lawyers.
Wright William J, carriage and wagonmakers.