Blue Diamond Coal Camp, ca. 1936

A partial view of Blue Diamond Coal Camp, ca. 1936. Blue Diamond was completely self-sufficient with the superintendent's office, a post office, fully-equipped dentist's office, churches, recreation, movie theatre, pool hall, beauty shop, barber shop, soda fountain, clubhouse, and a commissary. The commissary sold merchandise of the highest quality. Special attention was given to the health and happiness of employees. A full-time physician and staff lived there to answer calls, day and night. Special group arrangements were made with the hospital in nearby Hazard for hospitalization necessities. About 80 percent of all the employees lived in camp housing, which had electricity, running water, and were accessible by wagon or truck. Within the limits of Blue Diamond Camp were three schools (two for whites, one for Negro) with a combined enrollment of several hundred students and 25 faculty members. This photo and information are shared by Ernest Denny, P. O. Box 233, Woodbine, KY 40771.