February 2001
Featured Stories:

Crittenden County Fluorspar Mines
Baseball In 1886: "The Louisvilles"
Sleds Served Kentucky Pioneers
How Battle Scenes Were Sketched
Filson's "Daniel Boon" (conclusion)
The American Banjo (conclusion)
The USS Magoffin Story
From Maine To Kentucky (Part 5)
Joshua Speed: Lincoln's Best Friend
Old-Time Recipes
Kentucky Genealogy Help Line
Kentucky Explorer Book Page

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Passengers at Weeksbury Depot, 1940s

Gathering at a Country Store, Morehead, ca.1920

Blue Diamond Coal Camp, ca. 1936

Railey Family, Monroe Co., ca. 1907

Asbridge Fluorspar Mines, 1913

Marshall Co. Train wreck, 1895

Davidson School, Perry Co., 1952

Mount Zion Covered Bridge

1893 World's Fair Brochure

Guthrie Tobacco Parade, ca. 1909

Childress Family, Hart County

Sparta Christian Church, ca. 1910

Turner Family, Eastern Kentucky

Unknown Group in Rowan County

The Bailey Family, taken ca. 1920

Grigsby Grade School, Perry County

1943 Silver Grove "Big Trains"

Acton School, Taylor County, 1929

Unknown Group, Webster Co., 1910

Coal Tramming at Wheelwright Mines


The Rainwaters, Pulaski Co., 1899

Old-Time Mail Carrier, ca. 1935

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