Engine #7, Kentucky River Hardwoods Company

The community of Quicksand, Breathitt County, was once the site of one of the largest lumber operations in the United States. From about 1910 until 1924, large mills located in the area cut millions of board feet of some of the finest lumber ever produced in Kentucky. From time to time, we run photos of that operation. We are indebted to Shirley Liedtky, North Judson, Indiana, for kindly sharing this photograph, taken at Quicksand, about 1913. Above: Stopped in front of the office building in Quicksand is old Engine #7 of the Kentucky River Hardwoods Company. Only three men are known: second from right is E. O. Robinson, third from right is Dr. M. E. Hoge, and third from left is Fred Mowbray.