Little Rock School, late 1930s

Dorothy Ogans Garza, Clarkston, Michigan, shares this photo of the Little Rock School in Breathitt County, Kentucky, taken in the late 1930s. Some of the people were identified, but not in order: Ancil Fields, Fannie Ogans, Norma Jean Spencer, Alvin Spencer, Tim Morris, Emalee Morris, Little Ed Bryant, Tim Childers, Dorothy Stamper, Emma "Bo" Childers, Naomi Fields, Carl Ogans, Herschel Childers, Callie Brewer, Ida Mae Fields, Mattie Childers, and Chester Ogans. Carl, Chester, and Fannie Ogans are the children of Emma Stamper and John Ogans. Names provided by Glenda Spencer Davidson, of Florida; and Norma Jean Spencer and Carl and Dorothy Stamper Ogans, of Michigan. Ancil, Naomi, and Ida Mae Fields were Glenda's mother's half-siblings. Their parents were Joseph Fields and his second wife, Lucinda Spencer Fields. The Childers children are the grandchildren of Charles Childers and Lucinda Spencer.