The James & Dee Siddens Store

Annice Broughton Conner, Scottsville, Kentucky, shares this photo with our readers. She writes:

"This store was built at Holland, Allen County, Kentucky, in the late 1890s by James Siddens and his son, Dee Siddens. It was located on the corner, where Kentucky Highways 100 and 99 now converge. Dee Siddens and his wife, Hattie Young Siddens, lived in the house where the Woodard C. Broughton family later lived.

The upper floor of the store was a millinery shop run by Charles White, nephew of Dee Siddens. In the back of the store, in a separate building, the Siddens sold wagons, buggies, and surreys. James Siddens and his wife, Angeline Crittenden Long, were my great-great-grandparents. Their son, Joe Siddens, married Kate Clemons Howard, and they are my great-grandparents. Oll and Nancy Siddens Downing are my grandparents.

The store was sold to Caleb Barton, and in 1924, my father, Woodard Broughton, who was reared in Knox County, bought it.

In October 1924 the store burned. Joe Harlin Seay built a house on the site. Charlie and Hannah Hudson Ausbrooks now live in the house.

In the picture, l-r: Lon Sloan, Will Steenbergen, Bill Hagan, Oll Downing, Nancy Downing, Joe Siddens, Kate Siddens, Dee Siddens (owner of the store), Hattie Siddens (Dee's wife), Tommy Siddens (baby), Lou Siddens Bray, Ed Meredith, Frail Hix, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Jim Ore, Boone Thomas, and unknown. In the wagon are Jim Siddens, Mary Dee Siddens, and Evan Siddens."