Kentucky Kinfolks: Genealogy From The Louisville Herald-Post, 1930s
Edited By J. Emerson Miller

Editor's Note: In the mid-1930s, The Louisville Herald-Post conducted a genealogy column featuring materials sent in by its readers. We thought our readers would find the column interesting. We will reprint parts from this column each month. Because they were printed some 70 years ago, we do not have any other facts except those given below. We hope our readers enjoy the Kentucky Kinfolks column.

Capt. John Hathaway, a Revolutionary soldier, lived in Fauquier County, Virginia. His will is in Fauquier, dated 1786. Deborah Hathaway married, in Rockingham County, Virginia, on August 24, 1790, John Hoof. It is possible that Deborah was the daughter of Capt. John Hathaway.

The Coleman family was from Todd County, Kentucky. Samuel Coleman's estate was settled there in 1824. It names wife, Ann (she was his second wife), and issue: James, born 1790, died 12/3/1852, married 1st, a Miss Baker, and married 2nd, Susan A. Batts; John, m. Susan ?; Patsy D. Coleman, m. John A. Bailey; Lucy W. Coleman, m. Coleman Watson; Polly O. Coleman, m. Ambrose Douthett; Betsey L. Coleman, m. Collins McKinney; and Ann Coleman, m. John Jones.

Dr. Moses Steele (1778-1817) married Susan Clayton Slaughter Bell, widow, in Logan County, Kentucky, on October 26, 1801. This Moses Steele lived and died in Hopkinsville. James Steele, who was Receiver General of Pennsylvania under Penn, made his will in New Castle, Delaware, in 1751; and mentions sons: John, Moses, James, Alexander, William, Isaac, and others. Dr. Moses Steele, of Hopkinsville, had sons: William, John, Alexander, Moses, and others. It appears that James Steele of Pennsylvania and Delaware might have been Moses Steele's grandfather. One John Alexander Steele owned land in Cumberland County, Virginia, 1767. One John A. Steele owned land in Christian County, Kentucky, 1807. They might have been related to Dr. Moses Steele.

Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee were cousins. William E. Barton, famous Lincoln biographer, has traced the two leaders of the opposing forces in the Civil War to the same distinguished ancestor, Colonel Richard Lee; who arrived in Virginia in 1642, and died in 1664.

The genealogy of Col. Richard Lee's descendants is given as follows: Abraham Lincoln, son of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, daughter of Lucy Hanks, daughter of Anne Lee Hanks, daughter of William Lee, son of William Lee, son of William Lee, son of Colonel Richard Lee; and Robert E. Lee, son of General Henry Lee, son of Henry Lee, son of Henry Lee, son of Richard Lee, son of Richard Lee, son of Colonel Richard Lee.

Francis Triplett's, of Fairfax County, Virginia, will was proved November 22, 1785. He is said to have married Elizabeth Cockerill, daughter of Thomas Cockerill, whose will was proved in Loudon County, Virginia, September 8, 1778, naming among other children "daughter Elizabeth Triplett."

John Pilcher, of Choctaw County, Mississippi, was born in North Carolina, on March 1, 1781. John Pilcher died on February 4, 1851, in Mississippi. He married Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of Richard and Mildred Powell Taliaferro, of Amherst County, Virginia. Richard was the son of Charles and Isabella McCullough Taliaferro, and grandson of Richard and Rose Berryman Taliaferro, of Essex County, Virginia.

Austin Hubbard Slaughter came from Bardstown, Kentucky. He married Sarah Jane Boone in 1838 or 1839. He was the son of Thomas C. Slaughter and Elizabeth Hubbard. Thomas C. was the son of Francis and Sarah Coleman Slaughter. Francis was the son of Francis and Ann Lightfoot Slaughter. Francis was the son of Robert and Frances Ann Jones Slaughter.

Col. Robert Slaughter married in 1750, Susannah Harrison. Sally Slaughter, daughter of Jesse Slaughter and Lucy Thornton Slaughter, married in 1820, Lewis Slaughter; son of Francis Lightfoot Slaughter, and grandson of Col. John Slaughter and his wife, Elizabeth Duggett.

Ann (Nancy) Smith, of Fauquier County, Virginia, daughter of William Smith and his wife, Elizabeth Doniphan, married William O'Bannon in 1773. They later moved to Kentucky.

The DeJarnette family came to Kentucky after the Revolution. For many years there has been a large connection of the DeJarnetts in Carroll and adjoining counties. It is believed that this family was given bounty land in Kentucky for their services. There is a tradition that the first of the name in Kentucky settled on a military grant.

Robert Barrett lived in Westmore-land County, Virginia. He married Mary Daingerfield, born in Northern Neck, Virginia, 1692. They had a son, the Rev. Robert Barrett, of Louisa County, Virginia, who married first, Elizabeth Lewis; and married second, Ann Lee. Mary Daingerfield's parents are not known. Her name is not found in any of the published genealogies of the Daingerfields.