Dec. - Jan. 2001
 Featured Stories:  
 Frankfort: A Scene Of Bloody Deeds
 An 1898 Trip To Cumberland Gap
 The Banjo In Appalachia: Part 1
 Joseph Martin's Station (ca. 1769)
 From Maine To Kentucky: Part 4
 John Filson's "Daniel Boon": Part 5
 Russell County's Water-powered Mills
 Collins' Historical Sketches, 1878
 Kentucky Kinfolks, 1930s
 "I Remember": By Our Readers
 Kentucky Explorer Book Page
Other stories found in the magazine this month include: The 1937 Flood at Louisville; Bristol Taylor, Dulcimer Maker; Marvin C. Huff, WWII Hero; Christmas in the Mountains; Ghost Town: Weston; First Newspapers in the West; and many others.

Miscellaneous Thumbnails:
38th Division, KY National Guard, Co. D, 149th Infantry Regiment Stearns High School Boys' Basketball Team, 1944
Bristol Taylor, Ballad Singer & Dulcimer Maker; Letcher County Christmas in the Mountains, Rare Photo; Quicksand, Breathitt County, ca. 1912
Weston Post Office, Crittenden County; date unknown David & Nannie Davidson Homeplace; Big Bull Skin Creek, Clay County 
Andrew Jackson York, youngest son of Sgt. Alvin York; May 2000 Little Rock School, Breathitt County, taken in the late 1930s
An Old-Time Wedding; Sylverius & Srilda McAllister Leugers; Newport, taken in 1927 Our Cover Photo: The James & Dee Siddens Store, Allen County, late 1890s/early 1900s
The Old Fultz School, taken in Carter County, 1920 Happy Acre Sunday Gathering, Russell County, 1937
Auburn High School, Logan County, Class of 1945 Gosney's Saloon, Campbell County; tin-type photo, taken ca. 1900
George & Carrie Everman, taken ca. 1902, place unknown Engine #7, KRHC, Quicksand, Breathitt County, ca. 1913
Quicksand Mill Workers, Breathitt County, ca. 1913 Churchill Downs Under Water, 1937 Flood, Louisville
Downtown Ashland, Winchester Avenue, taken ca. 1948 Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge, taken ca. 1910

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