Pence Family of Bethany, Wolfe County, ca. 1912 

Larry Helton, Jr., 6570 Crest Circle, Middletown, OH 45042, shares this photo with our readers. The following information was written on back of the photo: "Mama's Family, ca. 1912. Grandma Pence (dark dress with white collar), Jim Haddix, Aunt Carolina Pence, Aunt Clara, Uncle Nate Pence, John Sewell, Angie Sewell Pence, Aunt Pearly, Uncle Scott Pence, Lula, Uncle Logan Pence, Aunt Lisa Pence Sewell, Aunt Cynthia Pence Trent." Larry writes: "The Grandma Pence in the photo is my great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Pence. These are the Pences of Pence Branch, Wolfe County, Kentucky, near Bethany. Logan Pence was an area preacher. I would like to hear from anyone with more information about this photo or the people in it."