Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer 

Editor's Note: In 1879 a state gazetteer was published for the entire state of Kentucky. The book included a description of most every community from the smallest to the largest. Agents for the book must have traveled to all parts of Kentucky collecting names and advertisements. The book does not contain any photographs. (Just think of the scenes they could have photographed!) Most every month The Kentucky Explorer reprints portions of this very interesting book. Different communities, some now extinct, are featured just as they appeared in the 1879 Kentucky State Gazetteer.


In the eastern part of Henry County, 12 miles northeast of Pleasureville, its nearest shipping point on the Lexington branch of the L., C. & L. R. R.; 15 miles northeast of Newcastle, the county seat; and 45 miles northeast of Louisville. Lockport Landing, on the Kentucky River, is its nearest shipping point by water. Tri-weekly mail and stage to Pleasureville and Bethlehem; fare to former point, $1; to the latter, 50 cents. Population, 200. Charles Abraham, postmaster.

Business Directory:

Abraham & Son, dry goods.
Barr W H, physician.
Baugh George, blacksmith.
Claxon Wm, hotel and saloon.
Downs David, grocer.
Downs John, shoemaker.
Down Wm, hotel and saloon.
Eddings G A, druggist.
Morgan Rev A B.
Morgan James, druggist.
Owens L A, clerk.
Owens L D, teacher.
Rough George, blacksmith.
Streets D R, wagonmaker.
Suter Lee, confectionery.


On the Licking River, in the southwestern part of Fleming County, 12 miles southwest of Flemingsburg, the county seat, its nearest shipping point, on a stem of the K. C. R. R.; 125 miles northeast of Louisville; and is on the daily mail and stage route from Mt. Sterling to Flemingsburg. Fare to the former point, $1; to the latter, $1. Saunders E. King, postmaster.

Business Directory:

Atkins George, physician.
Calliver J M, carpenter.
Hardin J M, marshal.
House Miss Annie, principal Sherburne Seminary.
Jones & Jilson, millinery and notions.
Lee Jacob, physician.
Leopold Wm F, boots and shoes.
McCartney Thomas, boots and shoes.
Merifield P G, hotel.
Moore & Trumbo, general store.
Overley H E, justice.
Ratcliff Henry, general store.
Ringold Mrs M C, general store.
Robertson Jennie M, grocer.
Scott & Hurst, saw and flour mill.
Shepard John C, blacksmith.
Tanner J W, blacksmith.
Tipton S A, blacksmith.


A village of 300 population in Boone County, six miles from Burlington, the county seat; and 96 miles by rail from Louisville. Walton, seven miles distant, on the L., C. & L. R. R., is the shipping point. It has two churches, Presbyterian and Baptist; and one public school. It ships hogs, corn, hay, tobacco, and poultry. Tri-weekly mail. R. T. Clements, postmaster.

Business Directory:

Bannister Henry, blacksmith.
Clements R T, general store.
Clements & Connelly, grocers.
Connor & Norman, dry goods.
Taliaferro P, druggist.
Weaver E W, blacksmith.
Weaver Lewis, flouring mill.


This village, the county seat of Menifee County, is within three miles of Cornwall, a station of the Mount Sterling Coal Railroad; and 150 miles from Louisville. Here are two grist mills, a handle factory, two churches, one school, and a population of 400 people. Mail daily. M. B. Day, postmaster.

Business Directory:

Adams Rev James, Christian.
Armitage James, assessor.
Byrne J J, surveyor.
Cape T T, lawyer.
Clark Rev F, Methodist.
Day B F, druggist, grocer, and lawyer.
Farren W C H, furniture.
Frisby R E, lawyer.
Greenwade Thomas, grocery and hotel.
Hardin H P, general store.
Harvy W B, grist mill and handle factory.
Oliver J M, lawyer.
Patrick John, lawyer.
Pierce W S, circuit court clerk.
Powers B F, grist mill.
Taylor B T, lawyer.
Van Arsdell I M, county judge.
Williams James & Co, grocers.


This village is located on the line between Mason and Bracken Counties, about 175 miles from Louisville. It has five churches, two schools, one grist mill, and an estimated population of 800. Tobacco is the leading staple. Stage to Burksville and Maysville; fare, 50 cents. Ship to Maysville. Daily mail.

Business Directory:

Black Theodore J, leaf tobacco.
Browning Francis A, druggist.
Coleman Wm W, justice of the peace.
Dimmett Elijah C, physician.
Dora Thompson M, general store.
Downing John, police judge.
Elliott Winter & Co, leaf tobacco.
Erion George, carpenter.
Frazee John M, physician and leaf tobacco.
Frazee Joseph T, general store.
Gallagher Charles, barber.
Gallagher Garrison, blacksmith.
Gallagher John, blacksmith.
Gallagher W H, blacksmith.
Germantown Cooperative Store, O N Asbury, manager.
Holton John H, physician.
Holton Wm W, general store.
Kerk John J, city marshal.
Levett Charles M, principal common school.
Mannen J & L H, leaf tobacco.
Murphy Rev D M, M E Church.
Norris Darius, grist mill.
Pollitt Robert H, wagon and blacksmith shop.
Pollock Isaac, physician.
Pollock Samuel F, justice of the peace.
Pollock Thirm, leaf tobacco.
Savage Charles S, physician.
Stiles Cornelius, hotel.
Tiller Elder W H, Christian.
Williams Elijah, leaf tobacco.
Winter Rev W H, Methodist, South.
Woodward Isaac M, constable.


The county seat of Calloway, 15 miles west of Enterprise, its nearest shipping point, on the Tennessee River. Daily mail and stage to Mayfield and Paris, Tennessee; fare, $2. Population, 700. W. T. Scott, postmaster.

Business Directory:

Albritten & Burton, dry goods.
Allen F C, grocer.
Barnett A J, grocer.
Beaman C L, saw and flour mill.
Boggs R, physician.
Bolen _____, printer.
Bourland Miss Celia, millinery.
Bowman W W, jeweler.
Boyd F G, general store.
Brandon M C, general store.
Brandon B H & Bro, millers.
Brown Wm, tanner.
Churchill J E, undertaker.
Coleman J G, saddler.
Coleman Charles, wagonmaker.
Coleman R S, physician.
Covington E H, hotel.
Covington & Gardner, livery.
Curd Mrs Lilly, confectionery.
Curd W B, grocer.
Dale W E, blacksmith.
Dale & Martin, druggists.
Eaker M H, physician.
Graham J B, physician.
Graves T M, physician.
Hale J D A, grocer.
Hale N T, dry goods.
Hindman D B, shoemaker.
Holt G A C, lawyer.
Holt & Cook, lawyers.
Irvin H D & Co, general store.
Jones D F, saloon.
Jones T R, dry goods.
Lafever J E, shoemaker.
Linn & Boyd, lawyers.
McElrath, Kirksley & Co, dry goods.
Martin R, tobacco.
Miller J H, jeweler.
Moore C H & Son, tanners.
Oury G G, lawyer.
Peterson W F, lawyer.
Pool Wm P, physician.
Rogers J B & Co, jewelry and notions.
Rowlett P M, tobacco.
Ryan Wm, lawyer.
Schroader John R, lawyer.
Schroader O A, wagonmaker.
Scott W T, confectionery.
Scott Martin, blacksmith.
Sherwood J B, dentist.
Shedd J Z & Co, wagonmakers.
Smoot C M & Co, livery.
Spencer W G, general store.
Stone J W, builder.
Stubblefield & Weathers, lawyers.
Wallace M S, carding mill.
Wear & Meloan, druggists.


A little southeast of the center of Lawrence County, on the Big Sandy River, about 300 miles from Louisville, is a settlement of 25 people having this name. Here are a saw and grist mill using steam as a motive power, a free school, and a church. Semi-weekly mail. Charles H. Borders, postmaster.

Business Directory:

Bartlett Peter, boot and shoemaker.
Boldin William, carpenter.
Borders A, saw and grist mill and tanner.
Borders A & Co, general store.
Borders Charles H, hotel and general store.
Crislip Rev A R, Methodist.
Davis W H, physician.
Garred N S, justice of the peace.
Lovins Wm, blacksmith.
Richardson G S, general store.
Swetman J W, physician.
Wilbur A T, justice of the peace.