November 2000
 Featured Stories:  
 Old-Time Sorghum-Making
 Eastern Kentucky's "Dirty Coal"
 From Maine To Kentucky (Part 3)
 The Many Faces Of Appalachia
 John Filson's Daniel Boon (Part 4)
 Kentucky's Third Constitution
 Divorce Suits As They Were In 1869
 Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer
 Explosion Of "The Lexington"
 Collins' Historical Sketches
 Kentucky Genealogy Help Line
 "I Remember" (By Our Readers)
 Kentucky Explorer Book Page
Miscellaneous Thumbnails:
 Mine No.2, KY Block Cannel Coal Co., 1915 WWII ArmyBuddies In England, ca. 1944
 Making Sorghum in Breathitt Co., 1940 Making Sorghum Near Somerset, ca. 1900
 F. C. Disney Cabin, Knox County A Home-built Sorghum Boiler Pit, 1940
 Wilton Mining Camp, Knox County, 1920s

 Beechmont High School Girls Team, ca. 1925
 Chandler Normal School Basketball, 1920-21  A Tourist Camp at Yellowstone, ca. 1923
 Big Creek Institute: Girls, Clay Co., 1941  Big Creek Institute: Riding Mules To School
 Civil War Cannon at Cumberland Gap  An Old-Fashioned Working in Knox County
 Lexington Streetcar Accident, 1907  William Meeks Johnson, Whitley County
 Clay Lick/Argillite School, Greenup County  First Creek High School Boys' Team, 1930
 Engines No. 2126 and 2133, L&N Railroad  Pence Family of Wolfe County, ca. 1912