A Husking Bee In Whitley County, ca. 1910

Gathering for a husking bee at Hog's Jaw, a small community on the Cumberland River in lower Whitley County about 1910. Friends and neighbors once gathered to help each other for such things as house raisings, quiltings, stir-offs, and bees. In this old photo we see neighbors gathered for an old-fashioned corn-husking bee. Note that many are shown holding an ear of corn. As it brought people together, it was considered as fun in those days, and friends came from miles around. The working was followed by a delicious meal and an evening of square dancing and games for all ages. Some names are known of people in this photo: Eliza Jane Baird Croley, Cynthia Davis, Press Stanfield, Eliza Stanfield, (?) Gibson, General Stanfield, Arvilla Devenport, and Bill Devenport (Photo courtesy of Richard V. Smith, 120 West Charles Street, Batavia, OH 45103).