October 2000
 Featured Stories:  
 From The Editor
 The Naming of Bowling Green
 The Village Blacksmith Shop
 From Maine To Kentucky (Part 2)
Mammoth Cave Underground Weddings
 Erlington: Then and Now
 John Filson's Daniel Boon (Part 3)
 Early Troublesome Creek Settlers
 L & N's Eastern Kentucky Division
 Kentucky's Pioneer Physicians
 Collins' Historical Sketches
 "I Remember:" From Our Readers
Miscellaneous Thumbnails:
 Front Cover: "Devil" John Wright  On The Road To Hindman, 1912
 Lucinda Jones (1800-1879)  Sister Mary Settles
 Chandler Normal School, 1920  Chandler Normal teachers, 1920-21
 Thomas W. Parsons family  Mammoth Cave Wedding, 1908
 John & Mary Taylor Haddix graves  Lincoln Co. School Group, 1908
 Stinnett Settlement School, 1928  Crabtree Coal Co. steam engine
 Sam Watkins General Store, 1928  Gil Mitchell General Store, 1925
 Whitley Co. Husking Bee, 1910  Ephraim McDowell House, 1970
 Owingsville City School, 1937-38  Lower Crane School, 1940
 John W. "Jack" Ratliff family  A Lodge in Breathitt Co., 1929
 Ulysses & Harriett Mitchell, 1914  Banyon School, 1949
Stinnett Settlement Class, 1929-30