Kentucky Kinfolks: Genealogy From The Louisville Herald-Post, 1930s

Capt. William Wilson married Mary Ann, daughter of William Mills, of Alexandria, Virginia, April 23, 1819. William Mills, of Alexandria, evidently a brother of Mary Ann, married Lucinda Fuget, August 28, 1818. J. R. Mills, of Alexandria, married Mrs. Elizabeth McFarland, of Washington, D. C., March 24, 1827. Armstead T. Mills, of Fairfax County, Virginia, married Elizabeth E. German, of Washington, December 28, 1854. William M. Mills, of Fairfax County, married Virginia Nalle, December 13, 1855. Mrs. Margery Mills, widow of Capt. William Mills, died at Alexandria, Virginia, November 4, 1831. She was born in 1765. Williams Mills, Sr., died at Alexandria, Virginia, February 2, 1849. He was born in 1775.

Captain James Blair and his wife, Sarah, were residents of Washington Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia. From Record Book No. 2 (1746-1752), it is learned that Mary, wife of Capt. Burdette Ashton, was allotted her one-third of her husband's estate; and in Book No. 3 (1752-1756), James Blair was one of the appraisers of the estate of Mary, widow of Capt. Burdette Ashton (Westmoreland County Records). In Orange County, Virginia (now Augusta), Alexander Blair, on March 24, 1740, entered 300 acres; the fee rent was signed by James Blair; and his family consisted of James, Jane, Mary, and John (Land Book 19, p. 938, Richmond, Virginia). In the militia of Augusta County, 1758, William, John, and James Blair are mentioned (Henings Statues, 7, p. 185-89).

Elizabeth Gibbons Ashton was the daughter of John Burdette, son of Lawrence, son of Charles, son of Charles, son of Charles, and son of John Ashton. Charles Ashton was born 1712 and had three sons, John, Lawrence, and Burdette. This Burdette was married three times, firstly, to Anna Washington; secondly, on December 3, 1778, to Sarah Blair, born February 21, 1758, died 1780, daughter of Capt. James Blair and his wife, Sarah; and thirdly, on February 18, 1783, to Mary Keene. The Burdette Ashton's wife, Mary, for whom Capt. James Blair was one of the appraisers, was an earlier Burdette.

The Stringfellow family were from King George and Culpeper Counties, Virginia. William Stringfellow died in King George County, 1746, as shown by an inventory of his estate taken in that year. Reuben Stringfellow died in King George County, 1770, leaving a will. Robert String-fellow lived in Culpeper County about the time of the American Revolution.

Thomas Chancellor (1745-1823) served as a soldier in the Virginia Continental Line. He was born or, at any rate, lived in Fauquier County, Virginia. He was married three times. His third wife was Judith Gaines. By this marriage, he had a son, Thomas Chancellor, Jr., who married Prudence Rector, of Fauquier County, Virginia.

The Bullitts were traditionally Hugenots, of Lan-guedoc, France. Joseph Bullitt, immigrant to Maryland, is said to have had two sons: Joseph, born February 8, 1688, died 1709; and Benjamin, born April 28, 1693, died sometime between May and October 1776. For Benjamin Bullitt's first wife, Elizabeth Harrison, see "A Brief History of the First Harrisons of Virginia of the Cuthbert Harrison Line," by Henry Tazewell Harrison. Elizabeth married Benjamin Bullitt in 1737. She died in 1757, leaving six children. It is doubtful that the will of her father, Thomas Harrison, was probated in Stafford County, Virginia, where he died in 1746, but many Stafford records are lost. Benjamin Bullitt's second wife was Sarah Burdette, his housekeeper, who had six children. For the Bullitt family, see "Fauquier County, Virginia, Historical Society Bulletin," No. 3, June 1923, page 318; records of Fauquier and Prince William Counties, Virginia; "Draper Manuscripts;" University of Wisconsin Library; and records of the Filson Club, Louisville.

Dr. Thomas Walker was born in King and Queen County, Virginia. His father, of the same name, was of a family long settled in the tidewater section of Virginia; his first American ancestor having come from Staffordshire, England, in 1630. Dr. Walker's mother was Susan-nah Peachy, to whom his father was married September 24, 1709. Their children were: Mary Peachy Walker, born 1710, who married Dr. Geo. Gilmer of Williamsburg, Virginia, who left many descendants of distinction; John Walker, born April 29, 1710, who married Miss Baylor of Essex County; and Dr. Thomas Walker, born January 25, 1715, who married first, Mrs. Mildred Thornton Meriwether (died November 16, 1778); and married second, Elizabeth Thorn-ton, a cousin to his first wife. The children of Dr. Walker, 11 the fruit of his first marriage, were 12 in number: Mary Walker, known as "Captain Moll," was born July 24, 1742, married Nicholas Lewis; Hon. John Walker, born February 13, 1744, married Elizabeth Moore; Susan Walker, born December 14, 1746, married Henry Fry; Thomas Walker, Jr., born March 17, 1749, married Margaret Hoops, of Pennsylvania; Lucy Walker, born May 5, 1751, married Dr. Geo. Gilmer; Elizabeth (called Betsey), born August 1, 1753, married Rev. Matthew Maury, and had many distinguished descendants; Mildred Walker, born June 5, 1755, married Joseph Hornsby, had no issue; Sarah Walker, born March 28, 1758, married Reuben Lindsay; Martha Walker, born May 2, 1760, married George Divers, had no issue; Reuben Walker, born October 3, 1762, died at three years of age; Hon. Francis Walker, member of Congress, born June 22, 1764, married Jane Byrd Nelson; and Peachy Walker, born February 1767, married Joshua Fry, son of John Fry, and grandson of Joshua Fry, Sr. They came to Kentucky in 1788 and settled at Danville.