Strictly Kentucky Genealogy

Musick-Roy Bible Records
The following records were copied from a Bible found in the possession of Mrs. J. S. Williams, of Faubush, Pulaski County, Kentucky, in the summer of 1935 by Miss Nancy R. Roy. It is understood that the Bible was destroyed when the family home burned. Some dates are missing, because of the brittle condition of the edges of the book.

This Bible was originally the property of James and Jane Musick, whose daughter, Anna Musick, married Leonard Roy. The entries in the Bible were apparently made by Jane Musick, who is thought to have been Jane Wright, possibly the daughter of Dennis and Sarah Wright.

In the Bible the following births were given:

Leonard Roy, born September (date obliterated by age).
Anna Musick, born May 22, 1774. She and Leonard were married in 1792.
Thomas Roy, born July 4, 1793.
Sary (Sarah) Right Roy, born November 4, 1795.
Leonard Roy, Jr., born July 4, 1798.
John Parsonette Roy, born February 12, 1801
Jane Roy, born June 28 (appeared to have been 1804).
Joseph Shuffey Roy, born October 6, 1806.
Anny (Anna) Roy, born November 26, 1808.
Zachariah Roy, born May 12 (appeared to have been 1811).
Lucinda Roy, no date visible.
Virginia Roy (Ginny) (date impossible to read).

Two papers of considerable interest were found in the Bible. One was the oath of allegiance to the Colonies and read as follows:

"I do hereby certify that Dennis Right hath taken and subscribed the oath or affirmation of allegiance and fidelity, as directed by an Act of General Assembly intituled an Act to oblige the free male inhabitants of this state, above a certain age, to give assurance of allegiance to the same, and for other purposes. Witness my hand and seal this 16th day of August 1777. Wm. Mills (seal)."

Dennis Right is found in Spottsylvania County, Virginia, as Dennis Wright, when he bought land of Francis Irvin in 1782.

The second paper found in the Bible was of a more recent date and reads as follows:

"Mr. Joseph S. Roy, Sir: Please attend the following muster, viz.: Battalion, 9 May; Regimental, the 5th of October; Court of Assessment, the 1st Monday in November. All in Somerset Company muster at Halcomb Robertson's on the 5th Saturday in April. This March 16th day, 1848. Daniel M. Rainwater, 1st Sgt."

In Spottsylvania County Records, John Parsonette is found as John Parsonet, and apparently was a neighbor of the Roys.

Richland Baptist Church Cemetery (near Madisonville, Kentucky)
The Richland Baptist Church was organized in 1837. The present church building is located on Highway 80, some eight or ten miles south of Madisonville. The cemetery is located at least a mile from the church building and is covered by a dense growth of underbrush, vines, and trees, surrounded by cultivated fields; with no access roads.

The names of the persons buried in the cemetery were sent several years ago to Mr. A. J. Slaton by Mrs. Helen B. Pearce, of Lexington. In October 1963, Mr. Slaton visited the cemetery and checked the names and tombstones inscriptions. The names do not represent a complete list of burials, as some headstones were broken so that the inscriptions could not be read, and the condition of the cemetery was such that all stones could not be found.

Baker, Winifred S., born 2/14/1848, died 7/25/1870.
Bourland, John, born 12/12/1762, died 5/11/1844.
Bourland, Mary, wife of John, born 11/26/1769, died 1/20/1849.
Bailey, Eld L. W., born 11/8/1814, died 8/18/1870.
Bailey, L. J. (Louis), born 1/31/1855, died 2/11/1862.
Baker, William, born 10/12/1815, died 2/3/1864.
Brown, William P., born 5/14/1801, died 3/23/1883.
Brown, Polly L., consort of William P. Brown, born 6/11/1807, died 5/25/1863.
Davis, Elizabeth J., daughter of W. D. Davis, born 10/2/1842, died 8/2/1843.
Davis, Elizabeth J., wife of W. D. Davis, born 4/10/1822, died 9/13/1843.
Davis, Beth, died September 1848 (lettering not clear).
Finley, Cassandra R., wife of J. W. Finley, born 5/7/1852, died 10/26/1873.
Kirkwood, Hugh, born 3/11/1800, died 9/22/1868.
Kirkwood, G. G., wife of H. T. Kirkwood, born 9/1/1855, died 1/17/1885.
Hibbs, Ellen, born 7/1/1883, died 12/5/1905.
Hibbs, Mary, born 1790, died 1846.
Lynch, A. C., born 1822, died 1862.
Lynch, W. M., born 1816, died 1862.
Lynch, William A., son of Wm. M. Lynch, born 8/24/1849, died 11/17/1857.
Lynch, Hugh F., son of Wm. M. Lynch, born 11/19/1851, d. 6/21/?.
Laffoon, Tilden, son of M. H. and E. J. Laffoon, born 11/7/1877, d. 5/18/1879 (initials not clear).
Laffoon, R. L., born 7/8/1836, died 2/6/1864.
Laffoon, Sue, daughter of R. L. and L. Laffoon, born 3/1/1862, d. 11/12/1863 (initials not clear).
Laffoon, Hardin, son of R. L. and Bettie Laffoon, born 3/31/186?, died 8/13/1864.
O'Bryan, Rev. John, Baptist minister, born 4/4/1828, died 4/22/1913.
O'Bryan, Slaton B., son of R. and E. O'Bryan, born 5/24/1818, died 12/1/1866.
O'Bryan, Louise J., wife of Eld John O'Bryan, born 5/24/1818, died 12/1/1866.
Stone, Mattie E., born 4/30/1853, died 12/25/1898.

Col. Peter Brown Family Record (Lebanon, Kentucky)
This record pertains to the family of Col. Peter Brown (1793-1864) and his wife, Susan R. Ray (1804-1878), who lived six miles north of Lebanon, Kentucky, on the Springfield Pike. It was found in the family Bible of their son-in-law, the late Cecil Scott McElroy (1826-1913), of Whitesville, Daviess County, Kentucky. The Bible and this record are now (1965) in the possession of Mrs. Betty Bates McCarty Holland, great-great-granddaughter of C. S. McElroy. Copied January 4, 1965,æ by M. J. Edgeworth, Owensboro, Kentucky, through Mrs. Holland's permission.

Peter Brown, son of Benjamin and Nancy Brown, was born October 22, 1793.
Susan S. Brown, the daughter of Joseph Ray and Nancy Ray, was born March 4, 1804.
Nancy R. Brown was born August 11, 1823.
Joseph B. Brown was born May 5, 1826.
Betsy D. Brown was born February 9, 1828.
Mary J. Brown was born May 25, 1829.
Napoleon B. Brown was born May 4, 1831.
Harriet M. Brown was born November 8, 1832.
Frances M. Brown was born May 2, 1835.
Margaret J. Brown was born December 15, 1836.
James W. Brown was born September 30, 1838.
Susan S. R. Brown was born April 25, 1840.
Ruth A. Ray Brown was born September 6, 1842.
Peter W. Brown was born August 25, 1844. Peter Brown and Susan S. Ray were married the 11th of October 1821.
Richard Beall and Nancy R. Brown, daughter of the above, married the 22nd of September 1840.
Clement A. Hamilton and Mary Jane Brown were married the 20th of October 1846.
Elizabeth D. Brown and Dennis M. Fields were married the 24th of November 1853.
Edwin R. Ray and Harriet M. Brown were married the 5th of January 1854.
Joseph B. Brown and Bettie Hays were married the 16th of February 1854.
Cecil S. McElroy and Fannie M. Brown were married the 13th of April 1854. Ruth A. Brown, daughter of Peter and Susan Brown, his wife, departed this life September 14, 1845.
Josephine Brown, consort of J. B. Brown, departed this life on the 5th morning of November 1849, at half past 4.
Margaret J. Brown departed this life June the 5th, 20 past 2 p.m., 1853.
Nancy R. Beall departed this life, the consort of R. Beall, the 25th of March, at 2 a.m., 1854.
James W. Brown departed this life March 3rd, at half past 7 a.m., 1863.
Susan R. Brown departed this life January 9th, at 10 before 10 p.m., 1864.
Col. Peter Brown departed this life April 2nd, 10 minutes before 11 p.m., 1864.
Aunt Betsy Brown, the wife of Hilly Brown, departed this life the 27th of December 1860.
Cousin Billy Brashear departed this life the 10th of February 1861.