Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer

Traveler's Rest
In the southern part of Owsley County, five miles south of Booneville, the county seat; and 35 miles northeast of Livingston, its nearest shipping point, on the Knoxville branch of the L. & G. S. R. R. Semi-weekly mail. Population, 100. C. E. Minter, postmaster.

Business Directory
Botner E, physician.
Botner Rev E, Methodist.
Botner E & Son, flour mill.
Brewer J T, general store.
Brewer N W, general store.
Eager W T, justice.
Holbrook C R, physician.
McQueen _____, corn mill.
Minter C E, millwright.
Peters J A, justice.
Roberts E C, constable.
Rowlett J B, general store.
Rowlett Rev J B, Baptist.

This village, also known as Horse Cave, is in Hart County, on the line of the L. & G. S. R. R., seven miles from Munfordsville, the county seat; and 88 miles from Louisville. It has one steam mill, two churches, one school, and a population of 800. Tobacco in large quantities, produce, and livestock are the shipments. Daily mail. M. A. Taylor, postmaster.

Business Directory
Barlow Henry, blacksmith.
Beadle DeWilton, grocery.
Beamer Mrs E A, millinery.
Berry Rev A H, Presbyterian.
Bybee Wm E, watchmaker and photographer.
Carter David C, livery stable.
Creel Rev J C, Christian.
Eberlin Geo P, boots and shoes.
Edwards Wm T, physician.
Garvin Thomas K, physician.
Grinstead John, blacksmith.
Hazlip & Clark, distillers, one-half mile west.
Isenberg Bros, dry goods.
McCoun F & R (Ferdinand and Robert), general store.
McFerran Samuel H, grain and farm tools.
McKay Rev W T, Reform.
Merchants' Banking Co, Butler H Waters, pres; Willis M Mustain, cash. (Capital, $17,000).
Murrell Rev S L, Methodist.
Mustain & McCoun (Thomas H Mustain, Ferdinand McCoun), leaf tobacco.
Mustain & Waters (George T Mustain, Butler H Waters), leaf tobacco.
Page Rev B F, Baptist.
Parrish P W, druggist.
Parrish & Green (Paschal W Parrish, John W Green), druggists.
Pool James W, Horse Cave Hotel.
Poynter & Bros, flour mill.
Scruggs A R, physician.
Settle Morgan, carriagemaker.
Smith Mrs Olivia, confectionery.
Taylor MRs Magdalene A, postmistress.
Terry Rev N G, Baptist.
Walton Rev T S, Methodist.
Wheeler Wm H, express and ins agt.
White Mrs Virginia C, millinery.
Wilcoxson Elijah G, general store.
Wilcoxson & Fleming (Daniel I Wilcoxson, Robert H Fleming), stoves and tinware.
Willis Lewis C, boot and shoemaker.
Wilson & Co, flour mill, three miles east.
Wright Harrison, undertaker.
Wright Mrs M T, millinery.

The county seat of LaRue County is an incorporated village of about 500 inhabitants. It is 11 miles from Elizabeth-town, its shipping point; and 53 miles from Louisville. It contains a flouring mill; four churches: Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, and Catholic; a good hotel; several stores; and a seminary. The principal exports from Hodgenville are tobacco, hogs, mules, sheep, flour, and wheat. Daily stage to Elizabethtown and New Haven; fare, $1. Daily mail. L. L. LaRue, postmaster.

Business Directory
Bean Misses E & C, millinery.
Bell John W, saloon.
Booker J G, livery and stage line.
Bruner Rev I W, Baptist.
Castleman S M, grist and saw mill.
Cessna Rev F S, Baptist.
Cohn & Overstein, dry goods, etc.
Dougherty Elder C M, Christian.
Dunn Philip, justice of the peace.
Dyer J L, undertaker.
Gore John W, physician.
Hagan & Co, grocers.
Hayes Edward, livery stable.
Hayes & O'Bryan, saloon.
Herd Lon, boot and shoemaker.
Howard Thomas P, general store.
Johnson Hilary S, lawyer.
Kirkpatrick S C, grocer.
Kirkpatrick & Co, grist and woolen mill.
LaRue L L, druggist and postmaster.
McIntyre David H, blacksmith.
Mather G B, flour mill.
Mather Henry M, flour mill.
Mather Squire W, dentist.
Nall R R, carpenter.
Nall V Y, brickmason.
Newton J R, boot and shoemaker.
O'Bryan Martin A, boot and shoemaker.
O'Bryant James, stage line.
Read & Twyman, lawyer.
Redman _____, blacksmith.
Redman Johnson, blacksmith.
Robertson Thomas A, lawyer.
Robertson & Hamilton, dry goods.
Rodman Wm W, physician.
Slaughter James Q, lawyer.
Swann Henry C, wagonmaker.
Tarsley T B, saloon.
Thurman George W, lawyer.
Waid Wm H, saddlery.
Wilson Wm, tinner.
Wyman John W, stoves and tinware.
Young James M, physician.

The county seat of Bullitt County is an incorporated village of about 250 inhabitants, situated in the center of the county, on the L. & G. S. R. R., 18 miles from Louisville. It contains two churches, Baptist and Methodist; and a public school. Its only exports are hay and tanbark, with a small quantity of grain. Telegraph, Western Union. Adams Express. Daily mail. Mrs. M. A. McCormick, postmistress.

Business Directory
Bates D M, physician.
Birkhead Joseph F, physician.
Carwell James, justice of the peace.
Crist Charles W, physician.
Davis Christ C, saw mill, four miles east.
Faskett Rev George, Methodist.
Field Richard H, lawyer.
Hays J H, sheriff and hotel propr.
Hogan Lorenzo, hotel propr.
Livers C L, railroad agent.
McCormick Mrs M A, general store.
McKay C W, physician.
McKay Samuel A, physician.
Maraman Geo W, general store.
Maraman Henry O, hotel and saw mill owner.
Maynard Rev T J, Baptist.
Meyler R J, lawyer.
O'Brian John L, police judge.
Shepherdsville Hotel, J W Thompson, propr.
Smith James F, general store.
Straus F P, lawyer.
Thompson Wm R, lawyer.
Troutman & Brother, grocers.
Weller W L, general store.
Zazio W W, general store.

In the western part of Caldwell County, 12 miles northwest of Princeton, the county seat, its nearest shipping point, on the P. & E. R. R.; and eight miles northeast of Dyensburg, its nearest landing, on the Cumberland River. Daily mail. Population, 150. J. A. Garner, postmaster.

Business Directory
Beauton C S, druggist.
Buckner J S, physician.
Bugg J S, druggist.
Byrd D T, general store.
Crider J E, hotel.
Dixon Rev T S S, Baptist.
Duer C L, hotel.
Dunn J P, carpenter.
Garner & Morgan, general store
Glenn W C, carpenter.
Glenn & Dunn, wagonmakers.
Hoggard Rev J P, Methodist.
Hughey Rev J L, Presbyterian.
Johnson W S, physician.
Kirkpatrick W D, physician.
Maxwell W E, general store.
Morgan & Bice, wagonmakers.
Mott J B, physician.
Ovey J E, blacksmith.
Rice T J, carpenter.
Smith Benjamin, blacksmith.
Wolfe Charles, cabinetmaker.
Wyatt J N, general store.

On the Little Sandy River, in the northern part of Elliott County, four and one-half miles north of Sandy Hook; 21 miles southwest of Grayson, its nearest shipping point, on the E. K. Ry.; and about 200 miles east of Louisville. On the tri-weekly mail and stage route from Sandy Hook to Grayson. Population, 100. P. J. Livingston, postmaster.

Business Directory
Dean B M, grocer.
Foster W C, blacksmith.
Lemasters F, watchmaker.
Lemasters John B, carpenter.
Livingston P J, hotel and general store.
Maggard Joseph, flour mill.
Malone & Co, general store.
Williams Samson, flour mill.
Porter H D, lawyer.
Porter Mrs S, tailoress.
Robb J C, physician.
Vancant V, flour mill.
Wagoner Miss H, tailoress.